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  1. ibm'73

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    6 Nov 2017

    Analysis of the movement of gold today by using Fibonacci retracement analysis at yield support point at 1258.84, strong point at 1282.75 with resistance at 1297.01

    upload_2017-11-6_15-10-23.jpeg upload_2017-11-6_15-10-23.jpeg
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  2. ibm'73

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    7 Nov 2017

    Gold analysis for today with the help of fibonanci retrecment charts added with the help of draw a chart equidistant chanel at get support point at 1269.51, pivot point at 1282.75 (strong) and resistance at 1291.92.
    If the resistance is penetrated, gold likely to move towards the level level 1308.73

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  3. ibm'73

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    8 Nov 2017

    At the end of Tuesday the gold price (XAU/USD) ended at 1274.95, down 0.53% lower than Monday's close. Nevertheless on a 4-hour or daily chart it is clear that the price of gold is still in the short-term consolidation phase. That is, the pattern of movement back and forth is still very likely to happen.

    Nevertheless it should remain aware of the 200-period simple moving average on the 4-hourly chart this morning perched at 1283.12. During the time frame there is no strong penetration of the resistance then the gold price can still be depressed again after a rebound.

    The nearest intraday support zone this morning is seen at 1277.17. The next support is the upward trend line on the daily chart at 1267.62

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  4. ibm'73

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    9 Nov 2017

    On Wednesday the gold price (XAU / USD) ended up 0.46% at 1281.15 after rising to 1287.00, close to the 1290.85 resistance.

    Although small, today gold price is likely to continue the upward movement to the resistance as long as strong support-support at 1283.12 remain intact.

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  5. ibm'73

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    10 Nov 2017

    The price of gold (XAU / USD) ended up 0.28% on Thursday, at 1284.75. Although for the short term still in the consolidation phase, there is considerable potential to continue the movement of gold prices today with the next target at 1289.33, 1297.08.

    Intraday support this morning is seen at 1276.30.185.39 and 1293.30

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  6. ibm'73

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    13 Nov 2017

    when the analysis was written at 1279.35 and made today the gold price potentially to fall further with the next target at 1271.65 and 1265.85. Stronger support is at 1263.00

    Nevertheless, there is a chance for a rebound to the intraday resistance at 1275.57 and the consolidation phase before the sellers attempt to dominate the yellow metal trade again.

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  7. ibm'73

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    14 Nov 2017

    Gold prices were depressed by Chinese data but in general the movement since yesterday is still sideways as market participants are waiting for at least two important agendas today: US consumer inflation data and activities of key central bankers at a panel discussion held by the ECB.

    There are several important levels that should be monitored when the agenda is released that is 1276.68 and 1266.42 then at the top to be monitored is the close resistance 1281.68.

    All zones mentioned above have a great opportunity to become a price trigger zone when there is fluctuating movement in the afternoon and evening.


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