What you have control of in the Forex Market

Discussion in 'For novice traders' started by Francmorio, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. Francmorio

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    Guys, don't be carried away by people who say your their strategies are more than 50% accurate. The truth is, there's only 50% chance that if you enter a trade, with any strategy, it will go your way. There's only 50 % chance. This brings us to what you can control in the forex market..
    1. The amount of money you're risking in a trade.
    2. When entering a trade.
    3. When exiting a trade.

    These are the only thing to focus on in the forex market!
  2. Tengkorakfx

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    Since there are only up and down of the price movements, better start looking for a trading system that has more than 1:1 risk reward ratio. Cuz one can profit from the market even got more losses than winning trades.
  3. broforex

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    There are circumstances that occur outside the scope of our control. But how you react to them is not between them. You have control of emotions, reactions, and decisions. Most of us ignore this, especially when we trade. Instead of taking responsibility for bad trade, we blame the Forex market, brokers, charts, and sometimes even cats outside the window.
  4. Tengkorakfx

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    The only one that should be blame is ourselves since we have taken the decisions and opportunities ahead us. It's still an okay if you are still taking chances rather than do nothing after all.
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  5. broforex

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    Yes, agree.. We might think that we are in control of our forex trading, but the reality is, forex traders have very little control when playing forex. That's all just an illusion.

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