What is bitcoin in simple terms?

Discussion in 'Crypto-currency analysis' started by Mark01, May 16, 2022.

  1. Mark01

    Mark01 New Member

    Why does the average person need it, how does it differ from conventional money, and why is bitcoin worth as much as an airplane wing? Quite a lot of questions and I would like to know the answers. Can you help with that?
  2. Agata98

    Agata98 New Member

    Remember when Apple Pay came out and we started paying directly from our phones? It turned out to be much easier to hold your phone than carry a wallet, and everyone made the switch instantly. In the same way, cryptocurrency makes a lot of money transactions easier. What would make this whole process easier for yourself you can use https://margex.com/ where they give you leverage and you'll have less work on it all. I hope I helped you.
  3. Max Velin

    Max Velin New Member

    Cryptocurrency is indispensable for digital nomads: global citizens who often travel and accept payments from abroad.
  4. KateNickolson

    KateNickolson New Member

    Bitcoin, or simply BTC, is a custom payment system reminiscent of the usual digital wallets or bank accounts. The "currency" for transactions is bitcoin. It, along with other cryptocurrencies, is not connected to any state economy and is not regulated by any Central Bank, Treasury or Treasury Department. In other words, the issuance of BTC is not controlled by government agencies, unlike standard money.
  5. Niccolson

    Niccolson New Member

    I read a lot about bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies. I am reading about how to buy citizenship with bitcoins in the future. It motivates me to buy a cryptocurrency and make investments. I am sure that such investments will lead me to success as I want my family to live well and successfully. Thanks to these investments I hope that I will be able to provide for my family.
  6. Glennbic

    Glennbic Member

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