What is a retracement in Forex?

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    From the oxford dictionary, retracement means to trace again or back. That is the meaning following the dictionary definition, but in forex, it’s a bit expanded, other than the fact that it may sound analogous to a Keyline, retracement, considered independently could mean something slightly different, from the Investopedia, it means a temporary reversal in the direction of a stock's price that goes against the prevailing trend. Though a very important concept, rarely does a retracement signifies a change in the larger trend, in fact, most retracements connotes the continuation of the prevailing trend. Retracements is also known as the pullback, it’s the end of a retracement that becomes the key line. Again, that a retracement has ended at a certain price does not necessarily mean that’s the Keyline, every level that looks like a potential key line have to be evaluated properly and back tested before any conclusion is arrived at that, that is the Keyline. Understanding how to draw a Keyline very well will triple you profits, in fact just understanding how to draw Keyline’s, you’re 50% making it in forex.

    While the word Keyline sounds too difficult to clutch, it’s so simplistic yet not easy for some to grasp. Well, no one was born with it, takes persistence and incessant practice to grasp but once understood, it becomes part of you. Just like a learner driver graduating to professional driver, it will take you very little effort to locate a key line. Here is a tip on how to get the key line.

    In a downtrend, Keyline are the resistance lines that stop retracements from continuing in the direction opposite the overall bearish trend, In this case, you should look for green, or bullish inside bar, while price was breaking below the Keyline.

    In an uptrend, Keyline are the support lines that stop retracing from continuing in the direction opposite the overall bullish trend. In this case, you should look for red, or bearish inside bar, while price was breaking above the Keyline.
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    For knowing retracement, traders usually using Fibonacci Retracement. A Fibonacci retracement is a term used in technical analysis that refers to areas of support and resistance the key Fibonacci ratios of 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% and 100%. Traders believe that price will bounce at these golden area.
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    thanks a lot for this thread. This helps!
    there is no stop in learning, isn't it?! Every day you learn new things. I am still learning more and more even though i have been trading for almost two years :D
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    Thanks for sharing this with us. I believe as a trader, it is must to have awareness about all these things. The more knowledge we will have, it will be easier for us to make money, so that is what we need to focus on in order to succeed.
  5. I can explain but I think it is not possible for anyone to understand like this especially newbies. There got to be proper step by step guidance because that is what will help with gaining. If we are serious then we can learn about this easily.
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    it's a great discussion, giving me a lot of extra knowledge for me personally
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    On paper, it looks really easy to detect a retracement. But in reality, you need several factors on where the price would retrace and continue its trend. You may want to use elliot wave on detecting impulse and retracement price movement...
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    Retracements is an easy concept, the thing is, we need to learn that retarcements are just any movements that are against the opposite trend. That simple.
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    Retracement sometimes trick me, when the indicator say the price will change the trend, I start to open position and then there is no retracement, that's why your money management is the best strategy. If your money management is bad, you can't survive.
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    Between Reversal and Retracement, are two terms that are commonly found, but there are still many traders who are wrong and cannot even interpret them properly. Even if a trader can distinguish between Reversal and Retracement it is not impossible for a trader to easily make a profit from these two patterns.
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    Based on my understanding, Reversal means that the price will break the current trend and change it. Retracement means that the price will back for a moment to look for a 'stepping stone' so that the price would going back to the main trend.

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