Wat Ban Den, admire the black pagoda, the most minimalist architecture

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    If you think that visiting temples will be boring and monotonous, Sanook Travel will take you to Wat Ban Den. Chiang Mai Province A temple slotxo auto with a beautiful and unusual architecture. The black pagoda that looks minimalistic, comes to take a lot of photos. Combined with the beauty of the Buddhist arts of Lanna city Became the perfect beauty


    Wat Ban Den is an ancient site that was built in 1894, or more than 127 years ago.
    The highlight of this temple is the black pagoda. That looks very magical and powerful in the arts It is a beautiful photo corner where many People want to travel to capture the atmosphere, check-in together at this point.

    If in the next Chiang Mai trip you want to find new attractions Check-in spot for beautiful photos Not too far from Chiang Mai city. I would recommend that this temple of Ban Den is really spectacular.
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