TradingView charting platform has a ton of features that you can take advantage of.

    You’ve got indicators, tools, watchlist, templates, chat, charts, ideas, scripts, and etc.

    But the problem is:

    You’d have to spend many hours trying to figure out how things work, and decide which features are relevant to you.


    Won’t it be great if you can learn how to use the most important tools that TradingView offers — without getting distracted?

    That’s why I did this TradingView tutorial to help you master it in less than 20minutes.

    You’ll learn:

    · My exact TradingView template so you can have your charts looking like mine

    · How to create a watchlist so you can scan for trading setups quickly

    · How to find and add custom indicators

    · How to save your template so you don’t lose your valuable settings

    · A little-known “trick” to change your timeframe, in just one click of a mouse

    · How to monitor multiple timeframes on a single screen — so you don’t have to keep “flipping” your charts

    · How to set an alert so you don’t miss trading opportunities ever again
  2. andengireng

    andengireng Member

    Hello, I am a newbie in Forex trading, can you explain to me what exactly means of "Trading View"? Because I read nothing here, please share your strategy and start discuss about it. I want to know how to beat Forex market because I want to be a successful trader.

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