Trading on our own terms?

Discussion in 'For novice traders' started by Roman Rias, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Roman Rias

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    Trading is a business that’s incredible in terms of potential, but at the same time, it is also extremely difficult to manage due to the risk factor.

    This is where you got to be so very wise with how you go about trading and it is must to trade on our own terms, as that is what will help us grow as a trader. But, it is equally crucial not to set terms which are unnecessary or not worthy of our time, as that too can cause a lot of trouble.

    So do you guys trade on your own terms or are you always try to copy others?
  2. ibm'73

    ibm'73 Active Member

    to make transactions I am more confident and confident by using my own way and analysis, because this is a stock I also make the future later in achieving success in the world of forex
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  3. Nia

    Nia Member

    really confidence can indeed make us calm in transactions, but I think not only confidently, our knowledge of the fundamental too I think it is necessary
  4. andengireng

    andengireng Member

    Perhaps for a reason that requires you to get some funds, you really expect the current profit target to be achieved. If it turns out to fail you can immediately change the method or strategy so that no longer discipline against your original trading plan. Trading is not about something definite but about the level of possibility that will happen. You should not mix short-term business with forex trading which tend to be long term.
  5. Tengkorakfx

    Tengkorakfx Member

    At the first time I always observe what the others do on trading then I tried to do it too, then I compare each other than I got my own way for trade which make me more comfort and earn much money.
  6. NewbieTrader

    NewbieTrader Member

    own terms! definitely own terms. when i started, yes i learned from others. but not to copy them. just to understand how things work in trading.
  7. Tengkorakfx

    Tengkorakfx Member

    In the process we will absorb many things from the others, be like the lesson of trading system, copying the indicator, etc. but we will find our own way in the last. we will fine the way that make us feel comfort to use for trade.
  8. NewbieTrader

    NewbieTrader Member

    that's true. in the beginning, i copied experts' analysis. just do whatever they told me to. but now, i read some of their analysis then come up with my own conclusion, decide, and do.
  9. broforex

    broforex Member

    For those of you who are still lay, of course wondering about how the hell do I play forex? Many people imagine the easy way, buy currencies at low prices, then sell at high prices. In fact, to be able to do well and achieve profits, it takes an understanding of the rules and a good way of forex trading
  10. Tengkorakfx

    Tengkorakfx Member

    This can be done by learning several aspects of the pair itself. From learning the highest price and the lowest one that ever traded by traders. With a help of proper support resistance analysis, one can collect good amount of profits from a simple technique
  11. broforex

    broforex Member

    Whatever happens, never enter a position with your feelings, because it will cause you a lot of loss. Keep following where the market is moving and analyze objectively, not subjective. If you also still experience a loss, be patient and still follow your strategy. Because we have to admit that the market also moves anomaly sometimes.

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