Tokenomy, the New Threat??

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    Get to Know About Tokenomy or TEN
    Currently, the crypto currency business is increasingly becoming, not just overseas, but the crypto mania fever is also happening in Indonesia as more and more Retail and Institutional investors from Indonesia are starting to plunge into the crypto currency business. If abroad, has a lot of utilization of crypto currency as a means for business. One of them is Crowdfunding or commonly known as ICO (Initial Coin Offering), or simply by funding the Startup Company to get support for their project, by holding ICO, so the token buyer will get share of the company if the project is successful. However, if the project is unsuccessful, or the funds collected are deficient, the entire Investment Fund of the token purchase will be returned entirely to the investor. Then, interesting to discuss here is Tokenomy or ICO first in Indonesia conducted by the company Startup Tokenomy (Token Economy),

    What is Tokenomy or TEN?

    There are many who have not understood and mengeti What is Tokenomy or TEN, because ICO is done by Tokenomy company will be done starting on January 08, 2018. ICO Tokenomy can be considered very good in future prospects, so that the perpetrators of ICO Tokenomy will not only nicknamed from Indonesia alone, but also comes from various other countries, especially in the Asian continent.
    Token or Token Economy with a TEN value unit is an ERC 2.0 (Ethereum / ETH) based platform that is used to authorize any product, whether for donations, loyalty, or Crowdfunding (Fundraising for a new company). The company aims to create a concept of financial settlement for all ideas from anyone who wants to gain access to the Alternative Funding network and global innovation, without having to understand the basics of cryptographic programming. So Tokenomy can be said to be a shortcut for business to create a token crypto that they want to market, or even marketing can also be handled directly by Tokenomy which already has more than 550 thousand members.
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    Nice info, dude. have you taken join?

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