To overcome the fear of loosing!

Discussion in 'For novice traders' started by Francmorio, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. liafatlouie

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    Yes, trading should wait for the right moment. Thanks Sir.
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    No one can know with certainty the future market movements. The direction of movement can change dramatically because of the influence of data or a major event. This uncertainty is a risk faced by traders.
  3. liafatlouie

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    A trader must be prepared to face a very dynamic forex market, so practicing on a demo account is important to deepen our trading and analytical skills.
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    Did you know that there are various ways to multiply the benefits already obtained? One way is to apply Compounding Profit. In this way, you can become an investor from the results of your own trading, because Compounding Profit is a technique to manage the profits that have been obtained into trading capital again.
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