These are the Trades for the week ending 13th March 2020

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  1. Francmorio

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    On friday EUR/USD closed with a pin bar at a key level 1.12811,I expect the price to break above the level
    and continue to the upper side in line with the upward trend.
  2. Francmorio

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    This pair closed above 0.86466 on Friday,putting it on stronger side of uptrend.this is a sign that the buying may be greater than the selling
    at the current price level.
  3. Francmorio

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    USDCHF has been on a strong bearish move to the lower side,on Friday the pair closed at 0.93714,i expect the price to
    continue to the lower side below the level in line with the downtrend.
  4. Francmorio

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    AUD/USD has bounced back to 0.66333 ,on Friday the price broke below the level.I expect a continuation to lower side below
    the level in line with the current trend.
  5. Francmorio

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    AUD/CAD has gaped to the upper side showing greater signs of upward continuation,currently the price is at 0.89993.
    I expect the price to continue above the level and go even much higher.
  6. Francmorio

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    This pair has gaped to the lower side,this shows stronger bearish move and i expect the price to continue to the lower side
    below 76.660 in continuation with the current downward trend.
  7. broforex

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    About CADJPY, what level will be the deepest?? I think you are trading in daily, so this will be take some days to reach your TP or SL point.
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