The YETTI PRO Robot is an updated champion, and it is available for free now

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    YETTI COMBA CLASSIC - with fine tuning for your PM and trading type.

    - Roboforex broker

    - 318 days non-stop

    - 340%+ this account earned

    How do you like it? Good result?
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    YETTI PRO update

    - changed news filtering system
    - a change has been made to the system of breaking candles during sudden movements
    - fixed the error of synchronization of the adviser with the server
    - localization bug fixed
    - adjustments have been made to existing official sets

    - What is YETTI PRO?
    - Tariffs and a short description
    - How to get robots for 60 days for free?

    The results of this robot:

    - EUROCRISIS set
    - conservative XAG set
    - AUDi set
    - EPICSET set

    All profit! A new file within 24 hours will be available for download in the personal area.
    It is already uploaded to FTP and you can safely update, even if you have open orders.
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    The storm was notable, the expiration and strengthening of the dollar caused strong non-recoil movements in the market.

    Someone creaked, someone puffed, and someone did not notice at all no recoils of 250-350 points.

    In general:
    - YETTI PRO AUDI - 300 points, max drawdown 26% - passed without any problems.

    - YETTI PRO СRISIS - 350 points, traded clearly, without drawdowns.

    - YETTI PRO EPICSET - 250 points, the set is considered high-risk and high-volume, the drawdown reached 40%, the margin fell to 600, closed on the rollback of one candle, a close take.
    It fulfilled his mission, a weak spot was found, it will be eliminated in the next month.

    - YETTI PRO XAG - 230 points no retracement, current drawdown is 10%. Conservative set with a long net - holds the punch well!!!
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    YETTI PRO showed perfect result on the USDSGD pair!
    Trades in both directions.
    It earned 16.58% to the deposit for 10 days of February!

    The set is considered aggressive, but in January it earned only 13% and apparently because of this fact it decided to work in full in February!
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    The robot YETTI PRO is quite young and many are actively interested in its success in the current market conditions, so every 30 days I issue information on each set in numbers !

    AUDUSD set:
    - Aggressive
    - Working time 90 days
    - Income 82%
    - Maximum drawdown 36%
    - Payback forecast: 100 days without capitalization

    EuroCrisis Set:
    - Moderately aggressive
    - Working time 82 days
    - Income 49%
    - Maximum drawdown 13%
    - Payback forecast: 100-120 days with capitalization

    EPIC set:
    - Aggressive
    - Working time 55 дней
    - Income 45%
    - Maximum drawdown 39%
    - Payback forecast: 90-100 days with capitalization

    XAGUSD set:
    - moderately conservative
    - Working time 76 days
    - Income 30%
    - Maximum drawdown 20%
    - Payback forecast: 120-150 days with capitalization.

    All settings are diversified by pairs and time frames.

    Definitely a perfect score!

    Robots tested the movement of 250-350 points in February and coped with the task.
    Payback floats due to the fact that every month it varies greatly in volatility for the pair.

    If you have any questions regarding the robot or cooperation, write to @simpleinc in Telegram.
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    Happy Valentine's Day
    I'm coming to you with an update! And not with one, but with two at once!!!

    YETTI PRO update:
    - improved the system for recalculating positions and picking up orders after an unplanned restart of the terminal and account (disconnecting from the network, reconnecting, etc.)
    - added a system for displaying closing orders
    - improved server connection system

    YETTI CLASSIC 3.16 update:
    - The locking system has been changed - now when the lock is switched to FALSE, it is disconnected from the main network and will not be closed when the TP reaches the main direction of orders.
    This function allows you to actively manage protective hedging orders.
    - fixed a problem with the STOP TRADING button in the dashboard.
    - the NEWS FILTER block has been updated, now it is linked to the broker's time and takes into account all the news.

    All updates during the day will be available for download in your personal account and on FTP remote tables in the ADVISORS folder

    Learn more:

    Do you want to get robots for free?
    Take part in the promotion and get to know the forex world

    If you have any questions regarding the robot or cooperation, write to @simpleinc in Telegram.

    All profit and good luck!!!
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    I have added new monitoring and launched a new account with a new robot to copy!!!

    We offer to your attention accounts for copying in the ROBOFOREX broker

    1) Yetti Classic COMBA Link to independent monitoring

    340 days working
    369% income to the starting balance
    30% broker commission 1 time a week
    40% partner reward
    $300 minimum balance
    Cent account with 1:1000 leverage

    2) SATYR Monster SET Link to independent monitoring

    107 days working
    30.4% income to the starting balance
    30% broker commission 1 time a week
    40% partner reward
    $100 minimum balance
    Cent account with 1:500 leverage

    3) SCARAB XAU Link to independent monitoring

    76 days working
    50.1% income to the starting balance
    10% broker commission 1 time a week
    $100 minimum balance
    ECN account with 1:500 leverage

    4) IMPULSE GUN Link to independent monitoring

    14 days working
    16.82% income to the starting balance
    1.82% maximum drawdown
    10% broker commission 1 time a week
    $200 minimum balance
    AFFILIATE CENT account with 1:1000 leverage

    Copy trading allows you to start investing in robots without advisor renting and a VPS.

    In the future, the COPY line will consist of ADVISORS THAT are NOT AVAILABLE FOR RENT!
    And it is represented by two types of subscriptions:
    - for everyone
    - for the PRIVAT group

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    I think that today's trading day for robots has come to an end and we can safely sum up the results of the outgoing month.

    2) YETTI COMBA +21.53%
    3) SATYR XAGUSD +20.45%

    The rest of the aggressive Expert Advisors are not far behind and have earned from 16% to 20%.

    Conservative robots earned as expected 5% -10%.

    Two robots stood out in particular:
    !YETTI PRO EUROCRISIS is a conservative robot that earned 7.6% in a month with a maximum drawdown of -13% of all time. Considering all the movements in EURUSD, a good result.
    !YETTI PRO XAG disappeared into a strong drawdown due to a long movement in silver and cannot get out of it due to a very large dynamic step.

    Changes have already been made to this set, we are waiting for an exit from the drawdown and will implement it on real accounts.

    Client portfolios earned from 4.5% to 14% at the end of the month. Which, personally, I consider a good result!!!
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    The stage of open beta testing of the EA is over!

    This version contains breaking changes. And it is the basis for trading.

    1) Changed the formula for calculating the multiplier
    2) Fixed a conflict that occurred in the algorithm when used on several pairs of a multiplier less than 1.5 per lot 0.01
    3) Fixed auto-renewal of blocked licenses
    4) Fixed flashing effect when the trawl is running
    5) Fixed the work of a bunch of lok 2 + night step
    6) Fixed text errors
    7) Now the version of the robot is displayed on the screen
    8) Added a module for checking information from a news resource. In case of problems, there is a download from the backup
    9) Fixed information panel in the tester

    Robot price: $30 per month

    Monitoring of the main sets:

    We canceled the free test!
    Now, in order to test the robot for free within 15-21 days, you need to contact @simpleinc

    More about Yetti Pro

    Good luck and profit to all!!!
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    The robot YETTI PRO is quite young and many are actively interested in its success in the current market conditions, so I give out information on each set in numbers every 30 days!
    The first account is already 4 months old!

    AUDUSD set:
    - Aggressive
    - The working period is 120 days
    - Income 115%
    - Maximum drawdown 28.79%
    - 100 days 100%. Checked.

    EuroCrisis Set:
    - Moderately aggressive
    - The working period is 113 days
    - Income 62%
    - Maximum drawdown 12%
    - Payback forecast: 110-150 days with capitalization

    EPIC set:
    - Aggressive
    - The working period is 86 days
    - Income 56%
    - The maximum drawdown 34%
    - Payback forecast: 100-120 days with capitalization.

    XAGUSD set:
    - Moderately conservative
    - The working period is 107 days
    - Income -88%
    - Maximum drawdown 92%
    - Payback forecast: 150-180 days with capitalization.

    All settings are diversified by pairs and timeframes.

    Strong March movements have passed. We have worked out the first "Black Swan".
    The payback is floating due to the fact that each month varies greatly in volatility for the pair.

    XAG errors were made:
    - strong large dynamic step on a protracted movement
    - The 90% margin limit in the set played a cruel joke, as I caught a partial closing of the position on top-up
    - The rollback on silver passed and if I had time to make a top-up, then the set would have come out of the drawdown with a PLUS.
    important! Adjustments and improvements have been made, the new set is already on two accounts - on this and on the new one.

    For a purchase or for any questions regarding the robot or cooperation, write to the Telegram @simpleync
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