The key to success in Forex

Discussion in 'For novice traders' started by Francmorio, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Francmorio

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    The secret is simple, Understand one thing, and stick to that thing, that simple, forex is not a game, its takes time to perfect, and the only way to perfect is to understand one thing and stick to it. That simple
  2. andengireng

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    Want to profit? The first thing you need to know is how to determine an open position. Determining the right open position is the key to success in trading. Many traders have to issue bullets repeatedly, repeatedly open positions, because they are floating. Indeed, no one knows where the market will move. But determining the point of open position is a way to win the market.
  3. Tengkorakfx

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    Or if you want an immediate profits, it's better for you to follow some signals provided by some professional analyst or even you can look for better trading signals in MQL5 that you can follow there...
  4. NewbieTrader

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    but they are not always right, though, those trading signals. i started like that, following everything the analyst said or posted online. i'd say... 60-40 the signals are right. but we never know about tose 40.

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