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    Ask - for a specific sell pair
    Bid- for a certain buy pair
    Buy - expect the pair to rise for profit
    Sell - expect the pair to fall for profit
    Long - pair position is bought. Hope pairs will rise
    Short-position pairs are bought. Hope pairs will fall
    Spread - the difference in currencies to be bought at the latest market price
    Margin leverage - your capital rate and the amount of allowable quantities such as 1: 100
    Stop loss - allows open positions to automatically close when exposed to the price you set (in the event of loss)
    Exit profit - allows open positions to be closed automatically when exposed to the price you set (in a state of affairs)
    Pending order - allows the position to open automatically when exposed to the price you set
    Trailing stop - lets you close the profit position before becoming a loss.
    Scalping - the technique takes pips little by little
    Indicator - indicators in technical analysis
    Technical analysis - a technique for predicting market movements based on history, trends and indicators
    Fundamental analysis - a technique for predicting market movements based on news (politics and economics)
    Upward-upward movement of the market
    Downward - market movements decline
    Platform-software used for forex trading example metatrader, streamster, fx trading station 2.
    Broker - middle man between trader and company.
    Egold - currency in the internet
    Ebullion - money on the internet
    Wiretransfer - transfer money directly to bank account
    Swift - bank code
    Swap - additional costs due to suspension of the transaction
    Pair - currency pairs .example EU (euro / usd), GJ (gbp / jpy)
    Pips - currency price changes in pips.
    Bullish - sudden upside movement
    Bearish-movements dropped dramatically
    Pivot - currency movement not far from its origin and returning
    TF (time frame) - time frame for analysis using indicator. Each indicator uses the appropriate TF
    Overbought - a situation where the pair is over-purchased and is likely to fall.
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    this article is the most fundamental and very useful for beginner traders.
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    thank goodness that this article gives a lot of feedback for you before you make a transaction
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