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    1-recorded history (2-3 days), 2-chased by the tester (half day), 3-put up on trades (2 days).
    Total to double-triple the deposit you only need 1-2 week.
    fears: profit closed, but the market stayed open orders with negative profit
    exit 1: overstay minus and wait until the robot itself does not close them for profit (tested on own account is a maximum 1-2 of the week)
    exit 2: close the what to eat with a minus, citing the fact that the total profit loss more
    question: could your overstay minus?
    answer: Yes, because two days of constant earnings

    And all of this becomes possible only in the case of compliance with the rules that are specified in the test instructions or I'll give you a quote:
    rule 1: leverage more 100
    rule 2: digits after the point: any
    rule 3: do not run other trades on the current account until the Origin expiration date (2 days)
    rule 4: after the tester that "ORIGIN is ready", it will be necessary to run the tracer with the found parameters in the #PROFESSIONAL MODE=1 and only after 4-10 consecutive successful launches Tester, you can use ready Origin-files for trading on your account.

    Note: If the 4-10 consecutive successful launches have failed to achieve, while in mode #PROFESSIONAL MODE = 1, mark the following variables step their future changes from minus, then specify the #PROFESSIONAL parameter MODE value 0 and wait until the tester finds profits by picking up the following parameters:
    Note: parameter ++ CRUSER LOT INCREASE this value can range from-0.01 to-0.5 on your discretion for the remaining options, any other step value can vary from -1 to-200 at your discretion.

    question: How do we know that everything happens the way it should?
    answer: the "experts" tab after you exit the #PROFESSIONAL MODE you should see the message:
    "additional instructions are found at the stage exit <#PROFESSIONAL> mode" - If so, then you must exit from tracer (software freak), i.e. Enter "-9999" in the variable "__refresh_now" and then restart the Tracer_SN.ex4 in the autocontinue mode, provided that the value "PROFESSIONAL MODE [0/1]=0" from file CONFIG_SN.txt (otherwise, it will be necessary to equate to zero before the next launch of the tester).
    question: what will happen if you do not perform "software freak"?
    answer: the tester will not be able to find a profit (I remember a similar case with the USDZAR currency)
    question: what if the tester will not find anything anyway?
    answer: get another currency because current (problematic) pair need time to update history for the next attempt (this is approximately 1-2 days).

    Full Project you can download from here: h t t p s : / / t u s f i l e s . c o m /lflukckrbey6 (link size 11.7Mb at 21.06.2019 30-days alive)
    (please remove the "space" symbol from upper link)

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    -1. copy project sound files to "\sounds\"- folder your trade terminal
    0. copy Exporter_SN.ex4 (/ex5) to your trade terminal - to "Experts"-folder
    1. copy Tracer_SN.ex4 to your trade terminal - to "Scripts"-folder (for MT4) or copy MAKE_tracer_SN_dmp.mq5 to "Scripts"-folder (for MT5)
    2. start history recording on your trade terminal in all interested currency-pair by running Exporter_SN.ex4 (/ex5)
    3. creation Tracer_SN.dmp-file from your trade terminal with running Tracer_SN.ex4 (for MT4) or with running MAKE_tracer_SN_dmp.ex5 (for MT5) (make running on non-used and interested currency-pair {i.e. w/o starting EA} chart window - pair by pair - {i.e.: step by step})
    3. after 1-2 days recording:
    3a. install old trade terminal (Grand Capital - gct4setup.exe) and copy "project sounds"-files in to "\sounds\"- folder your old terminal
    3b. copy historical files (ASK,BID,DAT) from "\files"-folder your trade terminal to old trade terminal - in to "\files\Recorder\"-folder (once manual creation this folder i.e.: "Recorder")
    (P.S.: before copy, you must remove Exporter_SN.ex4 (/ex5) from launch-chart-window, after copy you must running (/starting)-again Exporter_SN.ex4 (/ex5))
    3c. copy Tracer_SN.ex4 to old trade terminal: to "Scripts"-folder
    3d. copy Tracer_SN.dmp to old trade terminal: to "\files"-folder
    3e. launch old trade terminal
    3f. from old trade terminal start the Tracer (i.e.: Tracer_SN.ex4)
    3g. open from old trade terminal "\files"-folder "CONFIG_SN.txt"-file and change in to this file "START DEPOSIT REAL=5000"-string (change to your starting deposit)
    3h. run again Tracer_SN.ex4 and wait speech-message on russian language: "Origin is ready!"
    3i. copy from old trade terminal booth origin-files (i.e.: q_CRAZY_NZDCHF.lag, q_result_NZDCHF.lag) in to your trade terminal to "files"-folder
    3j. launch Receiver_SN.ex4 (/ex5) on free chart-window - on Origin's symbol on your trade terminal (before send me e-mail by registered to your trade account)
    3k. tested the trade

    Tester now contains no errors!
    Full Project you can download from here: h t t p s : / / t u s f i l e s . c o m /ywrzlfwcrucq (link size 11.7 Mb at 01.07.2019 15-days alive)
    (please remove the "space" symbol from upper link)


    enjoy !
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