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    Script for setting the pending STOP orders.

    Stoploss = 0, // SL level, if 0, then SL is not set
    Takeprofit = 10, // level of TP setting, if 0, then TP is not set
    Delta = 12, // distance from current price
    MaxOrders = 10, // number of grid orders
    Magic = 123; // unique order number
    SELL = true, // open the SELLSTOP order
    BUY = true; // open the BUYSTOP order
    Lot = 0.01; // order volume
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    What's Different between Indicator, Script, And EA On Metatrader?

    all its functions are the same. indicators are as a tool to analyze the market. there are Moving avarage, bolinger band and others. While the script works to open and close our order. Expert advisors are commonly known as trading robots. if we activate he will BUY and sell and close itself.
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