Scalping (Pipsing) strategy

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  1. Volkov Yuriy

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    Hello, everyone!

    Here we can discuss scalping trading strategy.
  2. andengireng

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    Info for new trader : In forex trading, scalping is a trading activity with a little profit target but repeatedly. So a scalper often out of the market quickly. Excess trading by scalping is not have a special time rules in trading, free time & not bound. Because the target is a little profit then in a quiet market conditions we can do scalping. Usually the sclaper in action on a slow volatile market conditions, because at that time market moving up and down shortly.
  3. Francmorio

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    Scalping is a strategy that involves buying and selling of currencies and holding them for a very short time, generally exciting after the trade has turned into profit.This requires a trader to have a very strict exit strategy because one big loss may eliminate all the small profits made.
  4. NewbieTrader

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    The most important thing about scalping is choosing a broker with no requote. you would think it's such a simple thing, but it can be a pain in the a. profit can be loss with it!
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