Power and money are moving to the East (Cryptocurrencies Opportunities)

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    First global Credit is now serving growing numbers of traders in Africa and Latin America, as well as parts of Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal. There is indeed a certain pattern showing that cryptocurrency is more widely adopted in certain jurisdictions where conventional market economies exclude all but the most wealthy participants.

    Nowadays, Asian economies represent huge opportunities for Bitcoin initiatives for a number of reasons and we have already seen Bitcoin booming there. For a long time, the West has dominated the capital markets especially the US because of their control of the debt market through banks. This gave the United States advantages in terms of investment capital.

    “This stranglehold is gradually being broken down, not only by cryptocurrency but through the direct assault by China and other disruptive market influences, therefore, we are seeing power and money move to the East,” clarifies Terman. “Companies in China and Hong Kong are much more aggressive than their western counterparts and this is creating an environment pitting the incumbents of the West against the aggressive strategies being used in the East.”

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