No retreat, No surrender

Discussion in 'For novice traders' started by Thuto Tuki Baori, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Thuto Tuki Baori

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    Believe me friends, it’s easy to get caught up in daily defeats, isn’t it?Your trading strategy isn’t working. You’re losing money hand over fist even though you know your system works over the long-term and you’re following all the rules. Listen, if you aren’t careful, you could let it discourage you, allowing negative thoughts like giving up, feeling like a failure, or thinking you’ll never make it as a trader creep into your psyche. Unfortunately, it does happen to us all, so when you are discouraged by everyday setbacks, it’s crucial to keep your eye on the big picture: you could be losing a battle here and there, but you may end up winning the war.
  2. Francmorio

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    The Title, "No retreat, No surrender" Sounds like a movie to me!
  3. Thuto Tuki Baori

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    hahaha yeah! I named it deliberately so that everyone may feel confused and want to open and read and what is written. But even if it's sounds like a movie title i guess the context is in-line with the topic.
  4. It is absolutely must not to give up or take defeats. We have to be absolutely on the point with these things and correct up come trump in every situation. We must not give up no matter what happens.
  5. andengireng

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    Why are many traders giving up?

    False Forex Trading System

    It could be the trading system used does not match the character of the trader itself, or it could be because the trading system is not good enough. But, we think this factor is small. The main cause of the many traders who continue to lose, even MC is Not using Clear Money Management
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    I would watch it :D perhaps starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. Hahahah.
    Anyways, let's not get caught up in daily defeats. Power through, guys!
  7. broforex

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    It's normal if you learn to plunge back into the world of forex trading, because the funds that are dreamed of developing actually disappear without a trace, and in the end you are "allergic" to forex trading. If you are a person who never gives up and are still curious to be successful in the forex world,
  8. Tengkorakfx

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    Though the previous failures can be considered as good experiences for us to learn. In fact, most of the beginners on Forex never learn proper risk management first before trading system.
  9. broforex

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    traders must never give up, because of the good opportunities we can get in this forex trading, precisely we manage trading, capital and trading risks, so forex trading is a profitable business

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