New World Springtide Bloom Event Guide

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    Spring has sprung in Aeternum and with it, a new Seasonal Event. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about the Springtide Bloom Event in New World.

    The Springtide Bloom Event started April 25th with the New World Coins release of Update 1.9.2 and will end on May 23.

    How to participate in Springtide Bloom
    Springtide Bloom is much like the Winter Convergence Festival, in the way that you need to visit a Springtide Village to start the event and its related mini-quests.

    Conveniently, these villages also exist in the same locations you’re used to from the Winter Convergence Festival. This means you can find them in Monarch’s Bluff, Everfall, Brightwood, and Weaver’s Fen.

    Once arriving in the Springtide Village, speak with the NPC in the middle of the Village to get started with the Springtide Bloom event.

    How to complete the Springtide Bloom Quest
    This short quest chain teaches you the basics of the event, including how to make additional Wispy Spritz and complete the Wispybloom Fields.

    Crafting Wispy Spritz
    The first part of this short quest asks you to craft Wispy Spritz. To do so you’ll need to head to a Wispy Spritz Station found in a Springtide Village.

    Here you’ll have access to the Wispy Spritz Recipe. Each Craft require 10x Fiber, 3x Honey, and a Fire Mote and produces 8 Wispy Spritz.

    Doing so will reward you with the following rewards: 250 Event Reputation, 1x Spring Token, 2060 Character XP, 68.75 Coin, 175 Territory Standing, and 10 Azoth.

    Complete a Wispybloom Field
    The second and final step of this quest asks you to complete a Wispybloom Field. We’ll have details on the best ways to find and complete a Wispybloom Field in the next section of this guide detailing the activities of this event.In addition to the reward from the Wispybloom Field itself, turning in the quest will grant you additional rewards. These rewards consist of 250 Event Buy New World Coins Reputation, 1x Premium Spring Token, 2060 Character XP, 68.75 Coin, 175 Territory Standing, and 10 Azoth.

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