Minecraft is played by millions of people around the world.

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  1. Agata98

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    In fact, to speak of an official release is to deceive, given the paying capacity of users. They enjoyed it in the alpha and beta versions of the test releases of Minecraft. Let us quietly discuss the merits of the game and understand why so many people love it so much.
  2. Mark01

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    I like even the beginning of the game. Your destination might be a forest, an uninhabited island, or the top of a snow-capped mountain. It's always peaceful at first. Most players do not immediately realize that monsters can appear from any unlit area. Caves and tunnels are by no means safe during the day. But after 15 minutes of play the sun begins to set... Most of all I like Minecraft Parkour Servers, where you can have some fun and pretend you're a parkourist.
  3. Max Velin

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    A game about survival, discovery, community, loneliness, creativity and despair. Everyone who has played Minecraft says they remember their "first night" in every color. Some spend it on grass-covered plains, escaping skeletons and zombies.

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