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    Interesting thoughts for the day:
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    Sometimes I start
    doing an evaluation
    of my life.
    In one of those, I
    came across the
    story of
    Michael Shumacher.
    He was the winner of
    the Grand Prix in 1991.
    He was seven times
    world champion of
    Formula 1.
    Happiness was in his
    But in one fateful day
    his story and his
    destiny completely
    changed due to an
    accident ....
    Today, with just 44
    kilos of weight
    struggling to "survive"
    since December
    His wife begins to
    sell the goods to
    cover the expenses
    for keeping him alive,
    in an adapted room in
    their house, where he
    lies like a vegetable.
    Here I ask myself a
    Who is better than
    Life can take
    directions never
    It's amazing how
    everything can
    change in an
    No one is exempt
    from anything.
    And in such
    circumstances are
    they of any use?
    We are all the same!!
    Then why the pride?
    Why the arrogance?
    Why the
    Why so much
    attachments to
    material goods?
    Do you think your
    version is the
    absolute truth?
    All we have is TODAY.
    So that we can
    live it with passion,
    enjoy ourselves
    to the fullest, doing
    good, serving others
    and be full of joy.
    We need to STOP
    creating problems,
    claim insignificant
    things, and
    AVOID anything that
    "takes our lives".
    Be careful not to lose
    someone who loves
    you and accepts you
    as you are.
    As in the game of
    chess, in the end both
    the King and the
    Pawn are kept in the
    same box.
    It is worth examining
    what we have done.
    We are born without
    bringing anything ...
    we die without taking
    Absolutely nothing!
    And the sad thing is
    that in the interval
    between life and
    death, we fight for
    what we did not bring
    what we will not
    Think about that.
    Let's LIVE more, and
    let's LOVE more.
    Let's understand
    the other and be
    Finally I remind
    To be gracious,
    I need be kinder
    and become humbler.
    And to strive towards what’s ETERNAL rather than the temporal.
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