Maestro Ortho Studio v6.0

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    CAD Schroer M4 Plant & Drafting v7.1.0.26865
    CADAM Drafting V5-6R2022 SP3 Win32
    CADbro 2023 x64
    CADdirect 2023 Pro 23.12
    CADdoctor for Autodesk Simulation 2018 x64
    Cadence ADW v16.60.015
    Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 2022
    Cadence Allegro SPB v17.0 Windows
    Cadence Altos v12.12.000
    Cadence ASI v16.60.004 Win32&Win64
    Cadence ASSURA
    Cadence Assura Physical Verification: Update_ASSURA04.16.001-618
    Cadence AWR Design Environment v15.01.030
    Cadence Cerebrus 21.11.000 linux
    Cadence Clarity 2019 version 19.00.000
    Cadence Conformal v19.20 Linux
    Cadence CONFRML v19.10.100 For Linux
    Cadence Design Systems Analysis Sigrity 2022.1
    Cadence EDI 14.2
    Cadence EMX Planar 3D Solver 6.0 Linux64
    Cadence Encounter Conformal: Base_CONFRML22.10.100
    Cadence Encounter EDI v14.2 Linux
    Cadence Encounter RTL Compiler v14.21
    Cadence Encounter Test 15.12.000
    Cadence ETS v11.11.001
    cadence EXT (QRC Extraction)14.15
    Cadence Extraction Tools (Quantus QRC): Base_QUANTUS21.20.000
    Cadence Genus Synthesis Solution: Base_GENUS21.10.000
    Cadence GENUS v20.10
    Cadence Helium Virtual and Hybrid Studio:Base_HELIUM22.04.000
    Cadence IC Design Virtuoso 20.1 ISR26
    Cadence ICADVM 20.10.080
    Cadence INCISIVE v15.20.001 for linux
    Cadence Incisive vManager: Base_VMANAGER22.03.001
    Cadence Indago Debug Platform: Base_INDAGO22.03.00
    Cadence Innovus Implementation System: Base_INNOVUS21.10.000
    Cadence INNOVUS v21.10
    Cadence Innovus-ISR1 v21.11
    Cadence Integrated Circuit (Advanced Node Virtuoso): ICADVM 20.10.170
    Cadence Integrated Circuit (Virtuoso): Hotfix_IC06.18.250
    Cadence IXCOM:Base_IXCOM22.04.000
    Cadence JasperGold v2022.12 Linux
    Cadence Joules RTL Power Analysis: Base_JLS21.10.000
    Cadence Manufacturability and Variability Sign-Off: MVS15.20.000
    Cadence Metric-Driven Verification: MDV 18.03.001
    Cadence MMSIM v16.1
    Cadence Modus Test Solution: Base_MODUS21.10.000
    cadence MVS 14.21
    Cadence Numeca OMNIS 5.2 x64
    Cadence OrCAD and Allegro 17.20.049 Hotfix Only
    Cadence Palladium Z1 (Verification Xccelerator Emulator): Base_VXE22.04.000
    Cadence Pegasus Verification System: Base_PEGASUS21.30.000
    Cadence Perspec System Verifier: Base_PERSPEC22.03.001
    Cadence Physical Verification Systems: Base_PVS21.10.000
    Cadence PPC 16.01.008-21.01.000 Linux
    Cadence Products Suite 2022
    Cadence Quantus Extraction Solution (EXT) 19.10
    Cadence SIGCLARITY 2019 v19.0
    Cadence Sigrity 2016 for win
    Cadence Sigrity 3D-EM v19.00.001
    Cadence Silicon Signoff and Verification (Tempus/Voltus IC): Base_SSV21.10.000
    Cadence SPB Allegro and OrCAD 2022
    Cadence Spectre 21.1 ISR5 (21.10.303)
    Cadence Spectre Circuit Simulators: SPECTRE 21.10.000
    Cadence SSV 15.20.000
    cadence Stratus 17.15
    Cadence Stratus High-Level Synthesis: Base_STRATUS22.01.001
    Cadence System-Level Verification IP (System VIP): Update_SYSVIP01.22.005
    Cadence Tensilica Xtensa Xplorer 8.0.2 Linux
    Cadence Verification IP:VIPCAT11.30.045
    cadence virtuoso ic 20.1
    Cadence Virtuoso ICADV v12.30.700.Linux
    Cadence Virtuoso IP Foundation Characterization: Base_LIBERATE21.70.423
    Cadence Virtuoso Release Version ICADVM 20.1 ISR19 (20.10.190) Hotfix
    Cadence Xcelium Logic Simulator 20.09.01 Linux
    Cadence Xcelium Verification Platform: Base_XCELIUMMAIN22.03.001
    CADfil 2021
    CADintosh X 8.6.3 Multilingual mac
    cadlink signlab 10.0
    CADlogic Draft IT 4.0.28 Architectural Edition x86/x64
    CADMATE Professional 2020
    CADMATIC 2022T2
    CADmeister 2021
    CadnaA 3.72
    CADopia Professional 22 v21.2.1.3514 x64
    CADPAC v16
    Cadpipe 6.2
    CADprofi 2022.12 Build 200903 Multilingual
    CADS Design Suite 2019
    Cadsoft Envisioneer Construction Suite 15.0.C3.2496
    CADsys plugins 2021 for Autodesk
    CADVANCE AlphaIII-Design V8.1.5
    CADware Engineering 3D Space TopoLT v11.4.0.1
    CADWell Tfas v12
    cadwin 2006
    CADWIND 9.0
    Cadwork Twinview
    CADWorx 2019 v19
    CAE Datamine EPS Win64
    CAE Datamine Studio 3.21.7164.0
    CAE Datamine Studio EM Win64
    CAE Datamine Studio OP v2.3.84.0 Win64
    CAE Datamine Studio RM v1.7.100.0 EN Win64
    CAE Datamine.NPV.Scheduler.v4.29.46.0
    caeses-ffw 4.3.1
    caldera 13.0
    Calquan 2022
    Calsep PVTsim Nova v6.0
    calypso 2022
    CAM350 DFMStream v14.6 BluePrint-PCB v6.6
    Cambridge Structural Database 2022.2 Mac/Win/Linux
    CAMduct 2023
    Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 6.0 Build 3954 (x64)

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