left relatively short and the top hair long

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    In Europe, the trend experienced a boom in the 1990s in connection with the techno scene. During this time, the undercut served to delimit subcultures from ordinary citizens. Today it is no longer the case that you draw an undercut, too many wear it. This is where the supposedly modern Haarsc lies

    Because just as there is a suitable lid for every pot, there is a suitable undercut for every head shape. And this can be found in many different forms. Your hairdresser can certainly tell you what best suits your head shape and style. In men, the forms are almost unlimited. Most wear the hair on the right and left relatively short and the top hair long.

    A wide range of options, from undercut with a side shave on one or both sides, to undercut with a shave on the back of the head, to refinement with a wide variety of patterns, you can find everything that "man" wears today. The great thing about the undercut: it fits every hair structure. It is a great solution for thick hair because it quickly and easily brings structure to the head chaos.

    Curls and frizzy hair buy lace wigs uk are easy to tame and bring into shape. A skillful cut is of course a basic requirement for a clean, well-kept solution. Caution is advised for thin hair. You shouldn't remove too much of your hair here. Regular trimming is important so that the hairstyle maintains its neat look. The contrast between the lower half of the head and the top coat can be abrupt or fluid

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