L.A.’s Best Karaoke Bars To Hit This Weekend

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    Whether you can hit the high notes like Mariah Carey, spit rap like Jay-Z, or have zero singing skills, a karaoke night is always a good idea. Luckily, there are plenty of tried-and-true haunts in Los Angeles to let loose. While Koreatown is known as the mecca for karaoke enthusiasts, L.A. has some seriously rad spots all over town, from an under-the-radar dive bar with decades of history in Culver City to a brand-new luxe lounge in West Hollywood filled with A-listers.To get more news about Karaoke Melbourne, you can visit starsktv.com.au official website.
    To help you navigate the singing scene like a pro, we compiled a handy guide with all the best places to get your karaoke fix. If you have the courage — the liquid variety will help — to get up on stage and belt your heart out in front of a crowd, there’s a bar for you. Or if you prefer to unleash your inner Beyoncé in the comfort of a private room, there’s a pitch-perfect spot for you, too. Grab your mic, it’s karaoke time!

    If you want to sing the wrong words to A Star Is Born, Maru Karaoke Lounge is the place to do it. Located in the heart of Koreatown, this bi-level establishment marries classic traditions with modern opulence. An elegant lounge by dawn, and a clubby hotspot by dusk, Maru Karaoke is truly the best of both worlds.
    Famous for its lipstick-red walls and zebra-print seats, Planet Rose is perfect for a spontaneous GNO. Because let’s face it, girls just want to have fun. Nestled in the East Village, many stumble into this eclectic dive bar after a long night at Grey Lady or Lucky Jack’s. Known for its offbeat crowd and even more offbeat selection of music, Planet Rose is the place to get down and a little bit funky.

    Coined as “New York City’s most famous Karaoke Bar,” Iggy’s is the home of great music, bad singers, and even worse decisions. We love that this laid-back spot is both a lowkey Irish Pub and a vibrant Karaoke bar all at the same time. Available for private parties, walk-ins, and everything in between, Iggy’s is a great place to get jiggy with it.

    Known for reimagining the traditional Karaoke experience, RPM is the coolest spot in town. If you like to sing off-tune versions of Amy Winehouse songs, that is. And how could we forget about Nelly Furtado’s Valerie? This funky neon-lit space has over 17 private Karaoke rooms, ranging from an old-school diner theme to an entire space dedicated to Marilyn Monroe.

    A hybrid between a classy piano bar and a lively Karaoke outpost, Sid’s has a little something for everybody. Even that annoying friend who always wants to leave after 20 minutes. We’re not looking at you Karen, we swear. With locations all across the country, Sid’s has left its mark on America's live entertainment scene.

    This swanky Karaoke bar is “the spot” for all the basic girls trying to escape Murray Hill. You’re still in Midtown though, Brooke. You’re not that edgy. With a diverse selection of cocktails and delicious Asian-inspired cuisine, this upbeat lounge is the spot to drink, eat, and sing your little heart out.

    A Karaoke bar instead of LPR tonight? Wow, how boho of you! Sarcasm very much intended. In all seriousness, this LES hotspot (conveniently located next to Katz’s) makes for a fun, carefree night with the ladies. With a list of around 80,000 songs to choose from, Boho Karaoke is sure to delight any musical palette.

    This no-frills, late-night Karaoke den has defined the Koreatown music scene since its inception. Known for being one of the only BYOB Karaoke spots in NYC, Gagopa is a great spot so ball out (and get hammered) on a budget. Besides, you’ll probably need a few bottles of wine before singing old-school Taylor Swift in a room full of strangers.
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