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    If we look at the price movement, we will see that the price never moves in a perfectly straight line. Prices rise and fall is a reasonable sight, but if we look further, then we can see the price trend at that time. we note again the example of the trend in the previous discussion. The ups and downs of price movements will form the tops and valleys that characterize a trend. We can see that the price always stops at one point, descends again and stops again at one point of the valley, rises again and stops again at another peak, and so on. These prices stop at certain levels called support and resistance.


    Support is a price level where there is usually a selling pressure offset by the purchase, so the price is turning upwards. Support is formed by drawing a line connecting at least 2 (two) lowest points parallel.

    Resistance is a price level where purchasing pressure is usually offset by an increase in sales, so that price increases can be restrained, even backward. Resistance is formed by depicting at least 2 (two) highest points parallel.
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    I often use this method to determine the support and resistance numbers before I make a transaction
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    thank goodness that this article gives a lot of feedback for you before you make a transaction
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    Here are 5 tips that I can share to you about Support and Ressistance

    1. High Level and Low Level
    2. Support and Resistance Formerly
    3. Swing Trading
    4. Dynamic Support Resistance
    5. Fibonacci Retracement Level 50%

    Support is the level as the target of the downside movement in the future as well as the resistance level. Support is also defined as the buying level of a product.

    Resistance is the level as the target of the upward movement in the future as well as the resistance level. Resistance is also defined as the selling level of a product.

    Consolidation is a condition when prices move within a certain range, indicating market uncertainty.

    Ranging Market is a market with price movements that have the same high and low levels for several times.

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