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    As the largest exporter and trading center in Asia, with Yen as its currency. The following characteristics of the market session in Tokyo, namely:

    Much of the movement took place in the early days of trading, where new fundamental economic news was released.
    The tokyo market will also slightly affect the markets that are open next, because traders in Europe and America will see what happened before through the Tokyo market.
    At certain moments liquidity can become very small, seen in very small price movements.

    Currency pairs that you may trade in this Asian session are JPY and AUD.


    The European market is the most crowded of forex trading sessions, with thousands of world-class entrepreneurs trading forex transactions. The following characteristics of the market session in London, namely:

    Range of price movement becomes very high (Volatile).
    Some important news in the Euro zone will also greatly affect price movements.
    Because the London session has an overlaping time with other markets then this forex trading session becomes very crowded. This results in very high liquidity and pips spreads become smaller.
    During the day the volatility will decrease with lunch break and wait for the American session to open.
    Trends that occur the majority will continue until the early session in New York market franchise.

    Forex trading session at the time of Europe makes all the pair very interesting to trade. As in the major pair of EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, and USD / CHF. Some cross pairs such as EUR / JPY and GBP / JPY can also be glanced as the move is quite stable, many traders like this pair of cross pairs.


    New York is the center of commerce and business in America, the city is also nicknamed 'City that never sleep' means a city that never sleeps. Since USD is the world's currency, and almost 90% of trades will always involve dollars in it. Here are the characteristics of the American market:

    After European markets close, liquidity and volatility also tend to decline. Especially during the American afternoon session.
    Economic news can drive market prices, considering all trades involve the dollar.
    High liquidity may occur early in trading in the morning, due to overlapping with the European session.
    On Friday the day of the United States, trade will drop dramatically, as Asian and European traders have stopped their activities, and are preparing for a weekend getaway.
    Some trend reversals may also occur frequently in the time period after the American afternoon session. Some traders do not want to allow open positions to avoid things or news that might happen over the weekend.

    American market session started at 19.00 WIB until 03:00 in the morning,
    all currency paired with dollar will be very interesting to transaksikan - USDJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD.
    But you should be extra focused on economic news stories that tend to be released during the American market session, because the dollar can move wildly.
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    a very interesting and easy to digest article for a novice trader like me in determining the right time to start a transaction and also recognize the properties of each currency characteristic
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    thank goodness that this article gives a lot of feedback for you before you make a transaction
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