Just ensure you understand your strategy very well!

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    Most new traders think that some traders are better than them, or that they have better systems than them, but the truth is, as long as your strategy makes sense to you, it doesn't matter is that strategy is opposite what makes sense for other. The key is stick to your strategy, have the discipline to stay with it.
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    Just stick to one strategy that suits your trading style, it will always yield profits in the end of the trading week or month...
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    How far do you understand your strategy? How big is the realistic target? According to a number of professional traders, the target of 10% per month is good enough. And even then, for pro traders, not a beginner trader who will certainly repeatedly make a lot of mistakes while still learning. As a beginner, you should not set targets too high and not be lazy to learn, because it will not motivate, but instead encourage you to make many mistakes that result in fatal losses.
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    So many examples of cases where a trader who has a good trading strategy, but the transactions that do not even make a profit, but in the end even lose money. This can only happen if a trader has bad money management. Examples that often occur are: Does not using Stop Loss, Stop Loss is too small, so easily hit before the price reverses direction in accordance with the original forecast of the trader and last, Stop Loss continues to be widened in the hope that the trend will reverse in accordance with the original forecast of the trader.
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    Success is actually just the top of an iceberg. Most people will only see the surface but do not know what is beneath it. We certainly know how the iceberg structure floats in the ocean. Only a small part of the iceberg is visible above the water, while most of the icebergs are hidden under water. We see successful people because of their achievements and what they have (the part seen from icebergs), whereas the effort required to achieve such a result remains hidden, unwittingly (like an invisible iceberg underwater).
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    Your explanation that makes me excited.;)
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    Talk about strategy, I want to share about arbitrage. Arbitrage technique is a trading technique that takes advantage of the difference in price at the same time at different brokers. This price difference can be used by traders to gain profit. Although a little, but certainly profit. Ease of profit makes this technique much sought after and studied by traders. By definition, this technique feels pretty easy. But when applied to real trading, arbitrage technique is actually quite difficult. Need speed and also accuracy in order process.
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    Before we look at some of the types of strategies that you can use, you might think about what type of market is best for implementing a trading strategy. Because an effective trading strategy basically consists of various rules and conditions that can help you make trading decisions, trading strategies can be adjusted based on the type of market where you will trade

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