Insulation Pvc Electrical Hot Melt Adhesive Tape Making Machine

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    Insulation Pvc Electrical Hot Melt Adhesive Tape Making Machine

    Since established in 1992, Crown Machinery Company has been consistently focused on developments and innovations of Coating, Drying and Lamination process machinery. Over 20 years, we have significantly improved machinery properties and provided customers with great benefits.Get more news about Electric Tape Making Machine,you can vist our website!

    Our precision coating, drying and lamination machines have been widely adopted in various industries sectors such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, packaging, optical displays, etc. and are sold to over 30 countries around the world.

    The high quality PVC electrical insulation tape coating machine designed and manufactured by Crown Machinery Co. is in accordance with the product demands, not only tailored fit to customer needs but also incorporate with professional design and planning. Ensures the versatile and easy operation advantages. Enhance the production strength and total value.

    Key features and benefits:
    Tailored design equipment width and speed according to customer’s needs.
    High efficiency, Conserve energy, Easy operation and Superior safety.
    Advanced coating station design provides precision coating layer control
    Special conveyor support oven specifically for handling delicate PVC substrate.
    Excellent tension control and temperature control ensure product quality.
    Unique designed rewind roll change and labeling mechanism provide short cycle time, suitable for short yardage production.
    Special web handling and tension control designs for delicate substrates.
    Robust structure and machine body designs ensure long usable life.
    1. An AC converter control is used for both speed and quantity of glue feeding for which both automatic synchronous tracking and manual control are available.

    2. The advanced PID control is used for the temperature control, it can control the temperature exactly and the errors is within 1C.

    3. The adhesion proof coated layer with the glue melting box, efficacious prevent the hot melt adhesive against being carbonized.

    4. Collocate the precision metric gear, make it even more to produce the adhesive.

    5. The high precision of alloy steel spray Die has guaranteed with high quality coating result.

    6. High effective cooling device insure the applicable range of the basic materials.

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