How to Reduce Stress?

Discussion in 'For novice traders' started by Tengkorakfx, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Tengkorakfx

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    Stress is the main enemy of the beginner. People act differently when in stressful situations. Some people give up and do not want to fix anything, while some resolutely save the situation. Trading on the Forex market is the second, after the mine-seeker, the most stressful profession in the world. However, if you know the essence of the problem, you can handle it. It is very important to learn the skills of stress management. The source of stress can be different: from losing a few pips with a partner's attitude towards your work. External factors will always follow you, but you can change attitudes toward them. The biggest enemy you struggle with is yourself.
  2. Francmorio

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    Another way to reduce stress is to learn to control your emotions. To control your emotions you need how to learn to control your breath . Understand also that, not all the traders will work on your way, some may loose, while others will be successful, but ensure you have the house advantage.
  3. andengireng

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    Forex trading is always make your brain exhausted. You have to take a break. Take a 5-minute break and focus on your breathing. Relaxing, going somewhere or close your metatrader for a while, you can do a yoga also until you are ready to back to market again.
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    The simple way to reduce losses is to only go with amount that we can afford to lose or one that will not make huge difference in our life. If we manage to do that then we will be able to perform rather nicely and able to gain as well.
  5. The way one can reduce stress by working through proper plan and not getting greedy. If we are able to control our greed or emotions in general then we will move towards reducing tension and stress.
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    to reduce the stress I usually listen to music slow music
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    yes , me too
  8. broforex

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    Recognizing your stress is the first step to overcoming it. You must openly admit to yourself that you feel threatened, anxious, or overwhelmed. After acknowledging your feelings, observe how you react to stress. Does stress panic? Does that lead you to make impulsive forex trading decisions? Are your palms sweating?
  9. naeem555

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    actually stress is normal and especially when we do not have proper analysis when we do not have proper learning and proper experience, so make sure you have learned trade first, if we do not know where market will go and how we will cover it we can not determine about risk as well, we cannot use sl and tp so in end we will lose, so be aware and never do this type of mistake, just this is possible after some proper learning, so after gaining some good experience automatically our loss will reduce and stress as well
  10. liafatlouie

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    Prepare your trading well, don't guess when trading! Many trading losses will be stressful so always evaluate your trading results so that trading is getting better :)
  11. Tengkorakfx

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    Stress is a mental health thing that you should control in order to keep things going under your plan. It's better to take some days off the chart and refresh yourself before going back. Even the profitable traders can get stressed out by some losses or missed opportunities.
  12. liafatlouie

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    I strongly agree, if we experience losing streaks it is better to stop trading for a moment, evaluate immediately and create a new trading plan, because if forced it will impact the capital margin call.
  13. Tengkorakfx

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    And it's better to take a good break first since your trading psychology is pretty much broken due to the long loss streak. Take a good nap or even sleep and let the past become lesson...
  14. liafatlouie

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    Good psychology related to us can survive in forex.
    Yes, by falling asleep you can rest your mind for a moment. and after that can trade again with a good mood. :)

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