How to really overcome emotions

Discussion in 'For novice traders' started by Francmorio, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Francmorio

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    I've been reading several articles about how to overcome emotions in forex but on a close observation, only deep breathing appears to solve the problem, what about you, what works for you? have you ever been cought in emotion problem and how did you solve it.
  2. andengireng

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    Overcoming emotions in trading is a must because when the emotions are already there ourselves, the transaction feels heating up and we want immediate results without think about the risk. So, understanding of this can happen when we get loss, profit, and when we use a particular system (robot). For that needed a way to overcome emotions in forex trading.
  3. NewbieTrader

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    I'd say taking some time off works for me. I subscribe to Law of Attraction. When your emotion is negative, then your trading result will most likely be negatives as well. So just take some time off, regroup, rejuvenate, and get back to trading refreshed.
  4. Tengkorakfx

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    I couldn't agree more, a break for a week or two would be good to refresh ourselves before going to make some recovery to our losses later. Remember, the market will always open in every weekdays so just chill and take your time while learning more to gain more profit...
  5. NewbieTrader

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    That's true. They are open at any day during weekdays. You won't miss out on anything even if you take a few days off. Get refreshed and prepare ourselves for a new trading day! :)
  6. andengireng

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    The second thing that must be done so that you can still get a profit is to always take the initiative or act. You should indeed not involve fear because fear is part of emotions. You will not hold a position when you lose money. You should immediately find a way out of these adverse conditions.
  7. broforex

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    Overcoming emotional feelings in trading is a must-do thing, because when feelings of emotion dominate us, the transaction feels heated up and we want to get bigger results immediately without thinking about risks. Understanding of emotions can occur when we lose, profit, or when we use a particular system (trading robot).

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