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    Basic Technique of Bitcoin Graph Analysis by Price

    1. The highest bitcoin price graph (high).

    You need to understand the bitcoin price pattern today. eg its peak value can reach how much you should know it. because the possibility of rising again can not be, you must be clever with graphical analysis yesterday. For the time range there is bitcoin value of pucak price today. this week, month, and by year. That is the basic technique of knowing the peak price of the bitcoin itself.

    Once with Candlestick, Well the graph is a rod-shaped, and there is also a line-shaped. for bitcoin market indonesia its own graph of rod-shaped,

    2. The lowest bitcoin (low) price graph,

    Once you understand the highest bitcoin price pattern. now you are hearing the lowest price pattern of bitcoin itself. indeed a lot of patterns that you should learn on this bitcoin stock trading chart. in this case you have to learn the properties of the bitcoin graph itself. you'll be able to buy bitcoin and when to sell bitcoin. In order for you to profit and get bitcoin at the highest price.

    3. The first price graph is sold bitcoin (open),

    at what time is the bitcoin at the open price, you should know also, by looking at the open chart you can analyze whether bitcoin price is still high or you can analyze the low open price time possibly rising at what time. You can already analyze with bitcoin open graph.

    4. The last bitcoin price graph (close).

    Well Close itself means Closing bitcoin prices. more or less the same in the graph explanation of bitcoin open chart earlier. because at closing whether the charts go down drastically or go up so fast you should read the bitcoin chart every day, with you daily monitoring the charts. you will gradually understand the bitcoin market chart.

    how to analyze bitlink candlestick so this way every bar has a range of specific time period and varies, can one minute, five minutes, one hour, one day, one week, one month and one year. The candlestick patterns are what you have to learn. So we can read the price trend reversal through graph. candlestick bitcoin analysis can be understood. the most important is always follow the graph every day. then you will understand by yourself.

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    This is great, thanks!
    I still can't figure out its pattern though. I have been trying to jump into this bitcoin investment but i still cannot find proper opening.
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    Same as Forex, we can utilize candlestick pattern to gain profits from cryptocurrency. As what thread starter said in his first post, candlestick contains Open-High-Low-Close in certain period of time. Also, we can identify some support and resistance levels only from the candlestick itself...
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