Happy Birthday FreshForex

Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by Juhara Sourjah, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Juhara Sourjah

    Juhara Sourjah New Member

    I wish to Happy Birthday FreshForex
  2. NewbieTrader

    NewbieTrader Member

    Yay! Happy Birthday!
    13th isn't it? Whoa... no wonder this broker gives awesome services. I don't think i'll switch to another anytime soon!
  3. andengireng

    andengireng Member

    13 th?? waow, it is not a short journey, but it is a BIG and long journey as a forex broker. SO many forex broker become down because they can not compete with the others, but for me, FreshForex is the best broker and I love to trade with FreshForex, Happy birthday FreshForex, wish you all the best.
  4. ibm'73

    ibm'73 Active Member

    success continues and more successful for FreshForex

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  5. Nia

    Nia Member

  6. liafatlouie

    liafatlouie Member

    Can't wait for the next three months for 15th FreshForex birthday celebration :cool::cool::cool:

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