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    Trading plans are very important, and then we must understand forex chart patterns:
    – Recognize the types of forex chart patterns that exist. In general, there are three types of forex chart patterns, namely reversal patterns, continuation patterns, and neutral patterns. Reversal patterns indicate that the previous trend will end and reverse direction. A continuation pattern indicates that the previous trend will continue after price consolidation. Neutral patterns indicate that prices are moving within a certain range without a clear direction.
    – Pay attention to other supporting factors such as technical indicators and fundamental analysis. Forex chart patterns are not always valid or accurate, therefore it is important to confirm the signals given by chart patterns by using other tools such as technical indicators (e.g. moving average, stochastic, RSI) or fundamental analysis (e.g. economic, political, or social news ). Technical indicators can help to determine entry and exit levels, while fundamental analysis can help to determine market sentiment.
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    Patience is like a magic ingredient that makes everything work for snipers in the military, and also magic material that will be needed to become a Forex sniper. Most traders start earning money in the market because they want to be patient.
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    Guys, anyone here in freshforex group chat? it's on telegram. I got this code for signing up with them (ssssh it's supposed to be a secret code for employees only). go ahead and try it. it's "onlyfresh0923".

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