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Discussion in 'Bonuses and contests' started by NewbieTrader, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. NewbieTrader

    NewbieTrader Member

    Hey, guys!
    I just want to share something. I am trading with FreshForex, and they are giving away this amazing bonus. $2018, can you believe that!
    And they are extending it to April. So, go ahead get yours!

  2. andengireng

    andengireng Member

    Hello, now FreshForex offer me VIP account. To obtain access to all privileges of VIP club, I am required to make a one-time top-up in the amount from $10 000. I think this is my momentum to be a successful trader with FreshForex.
  3. NewbieTrader

    NewbieTrader Member

    wow, that is amazing! Perhaps someday when I can come up with that amount of money for trading, I will join you in the VIP club as well :)
  4. liafatlouie

    liafatlouie New Member

    Really fantastic. Hopefully, I will soon follow you as a successful trader :):cool:

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