Getting addicted

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  1. sonstevick

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    Getting addicted
    When you have an addiction, how do you try to overcome it?
  2. bendenison

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    Yes, I was in a difficult life situation and was addicted to alcohol and suffered from it for a very long time. I was fed up with it and made a decision to fight it. I was looking for a long way out of it, after do i have a drinking problem quiz, I started treatment in a rehab center. And after I went through treatment I started a new life. That's why I recommend you to get help, because it's hard to cope on your own.
  3. sonstevick

    sonstevick New Member

    Thank you for your time. It's a good story that is worthy of attention
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    The withdrawal from social networks, to which access is now restricted, is a natural and biopsychological phenomenon in itself. Social networking sites are engaging our underlying social processes. And some authors even speak of a social instinct that all of our species have. Some have it stronger, some weaker.

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