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    That's why they are German and world champions. They are always businessminded, no idle talks, no media rigmarole, no speculations. Like them or you hate them, once they identify a target, they bypass all media brouhaha, meet the terms of the dael and finish the business at once. That's why you will not hear about Bayern being endlessly linked to players... If the English press like, let them continue to link him to the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, and so on. Dayot is FC Bayern (Deutche Meister) bound, deal with that!
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    As a player when you play in Germany your dream team is Bayern Munich.
    Playing for Munich you got a chance for playing UCL every year,
    Secondly, Bayern offer extra facilities like help secure jobs for the player's families, helping them.
    Bayern always make sure that their players are being call up for national duties in their respective countries.
    Fans hardly criticize players unlike Premier league and laliga.
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    If it was Man City, Man Utd, PSG, Real Madrid or even Chelsea that went for him he will cost about 100mill.

    Thus the point is that when players are bought by big clubs for huge amount, the price does not reflect the true financial value of the player. It's the bargaining power of the selling club and the negotiating power of the buying club.

    A typical example is Harry Maguire

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