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    We are glad to welcome your on the FreshForex forum!

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    1. General rules

    1.1. The forum rules are for everyone and compulsory for both the administration and users of the forum.
    1.2. The rules apply in all sections and subsections of the forum. Administrators and moderators of the forum can create additional rules for sections and subsections of the forum that do not contradict the basic rules of the forum.
    The Administration has the right to make changes or additions to the main Rules of the Forum at any time.
    1.3. Any user can view the forum, but only registered users can view the forum.


    2.1. When registering, the user must provide a valid e-mail address. A confirmation letter will be delivered to it.
    2.2. The user can not post links in the profile that are related to sub-clause 4.1 of clause 4 of these rules.
    2.3. Nickname (nickname, login) of the user should not be similar to the nickname of another forum member.
    The administration has the right to decide on itself the degree of similarity of nicks.
    2.4. Nickname (nickname, login) of the user should not contain:
    - any contact information: telephone numbers, websites, e-mail, ICQ, etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data
    - explicit or hidden advertising.
    2.5. The user picture and nickname of the user should not consist of pictures or words that are offensive, obscene or nazi nature.
    2.6. Re-registration is prohibited!

    3. Ads

    3.1. Advertising on the forum is published only in a special section.

    4. What is prohibited:

    4.1 Use of expletives in any form.
    4.2 Imposing its opinion in categorical form.
    4.3 Insults in direct or latent form.
    4.4 Threats to other forum participants
    4.5 Knowingly false accusations, or accusations, not supported by specific facts to any forum participant
    4.6 Explicit or implicit discussion of the forum administration's actions. In case of a claim or dispute, it is necessary to use the feedback form in the User's Personal Acoount. Each appeal will be processed as soon as possible.
    4.7 Messages that provoke non-constructive disputes, conflicts and discord.
    4.8 Messages of a racist and extremist nature that prejudice the rights of nationalities, religious or political groups
    4.9 Messages that do not have meaning on the subject of a section
    (" Flood. ") 4.10 Creation of topics in sections that do not correspond to the topic of the posted message and the general theme of the forum.
    4.11 Distribution of software products with intellectual property rights violation, as well as the distribution of malicious and potentially dangerous software
    4.12 Third-party advertising, placing links to third-party websitres.
    4.13 Repeated duplication of messages in different topics and discussions, and creating topics with the same content.
    4.14 Copying messages from other forums.
    4.15 Use "nick names" for ads of sites, e-mail and accounts of different messengers.
    4.16 images of signatures with direct indication of the user's site, as well as improper or pornographic content used as a user picture
    4.17 Use advertising picture in the signature section of profile.
    4.18 Placing links to third-party sites in the topics, messages and signatures. The only exception is when the link leads to:
    to a non-commercial legal sites•
    to the official website of government authorities •
    to a non-commercial website about Forex (a non-commercial website about Forex is considered to be a resource whose subject matter is not of an advertising nature); •
    to the official website of the Central Bank, the World Bank and other official services directly related to the Forex market.
    Placing any advertisements and links must be agreed with the administration of the forum.


    5.1. The forum can impose following sanctions, used in the form of punishment for violation of the rules:
    • Warning
    • Deleting a user from the forum (which is a ban);
    a ban can be temporary and permanent, depending on how serious the violation was.
    5.2. All topics and messages that violate these Rules are deleted without notification.
    5.3. Persons who constantly send off-topic (flood and offtopic) messages, can be removed from the discussion of topics.
    5.4 The Administration decides itself when and to whom to issue a violation and when and to whom it is possible to remove the violation ahead-of-schedule.


    The forum administration of "FreshForex" consists of the following persons:
    1. Moderators are moderating topics and messages in the sections entrusted to them, have the right to make comments and give violations to the participants in the discussion;
    2. Administrators are representatives of the top management of the forum. Have unlimited rights to the forum.


    7.1. If there is a dispute between the user and the moderator, the user has the right to contact any forum administrator and ask for help in resolving the dispute.
    7.2. All messages on the forum, including messages written by company representatives, are the opinions of the authors who wrote these messages. Therefore, the forum administration officially declares that it does not guarantee the accuracy of these messages and does not hold any responsibility for the reliability of the information stated in these messages and for possible damage that the user could suffer due to the use of this information.
    7.3. The forum applies international rules of confidentiality, however, the forum administration has the right to transfer the user's personal information to the public authorities at its own discretion or upon a legal request
    7.4. The rules come into force from the moment of their publication.

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