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    Freedom means the will to do as one pleases without opposition. In Forex, price is the king, so follow the price, don't expect the price to follow you. Price normally retains the right to go as it please without having to consult you. That means that, not every time you're corrected they price will approve you, sometimes the price can still disqualify you even if you're 100% correct. Everyone who is looking for a perfect and a consistent strategy should first understand this, you could still loose even if you're very corrected, so the best way to reduce your risk is by managing your risks well, come up with a very good strategy that has a wining rate of 97% and leave the 3% to the losing trades.
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    Follow means to follow or it could mean catch up, pursue and embrace. So also in the world of trading follow means to follow the trend that is happening. So the adherents of this trading style they are only looking for trading opportunities in one particular direction only. Follow trend has the characteristic of opening the order in the form of pending stop.
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    Yeah, you're right. Just follow the trend and earn money wisely. wisely I mean is as much as possible. :D
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    Trading following a trend (trend following) in the long term can be very profitable for traders who know how and are able to manage their position and emotions well.

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