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    Trading News is a popular technique in Forex Trading. Why is that ? Have you ever seen a currency pair move 50 to 100 pips in just a few minutes or even in a few seconds, after the release of an important news? Maybe you would think, "Easy to get the money?" Maybe, but maybe not. It all depends on your readiness to analyze the news released.
    This time will discuss about strategy in Trading News. Economic news is often able to spur short-term movement is strong enough. And that means a good opportunity for Traders. And because the forex market is open 24 hours a day, covering all corners of the world, it opens up a wide enough opportunity to gain profit from market activity that is always hit by economic news.

    The following are some of the major currencies and countries that you should look for when trading based on news:

    Country Currency Symbol Nickname
    USD United States Dollar Buck
    EUR European Union Euro Fiber
    JPY Japan Yen Yen
    GBP Great Britain Pound Cable
    CHF Switzerland Swissy Franc
    CAD Canadian Dollar Loonie
    AUD Australian Dollar Aussie
    NZD New Zealand Dollar Kiwi

    In fact there are many more traded currencies, the above list is based on the size of each country's condition, the frequency of its news release, and the trading liquidity of each currency.

    The list below shows the times when important economic news is released in each country. Make sure you pay attention or you will go bankrupt.

    State Time Symbol (GMT)

    USD United States 13:30 - 15:00
    EUR Germany 07:00 - 11:00
    EUR France 07:45 - 09:00
    EUR Italy 08:45 - 10:00
    JPY Japan 23:50 - 04:30
    GBP Great Britain 07:00 - 09:30
    CHF Switzerland 06:45 - 10:30
    CAD Canada 12:00 - 13:30
    AUD Australia 22:30 - 00:30
    NZD New Zealand 21:45 - 02:00

    Tradeable News

    There are 5 to 10 economic news releases almost daily in each country. So make sure you focus on the schedule when the news is released, so you can also make a schedule of any hours you will be trading.
    You do not need to pay special attention to all the news, you can choose it. There is some news coming every month, which can cause significant price movements. Here we will focus on the news and economic reports from USD. Because USD is generally involved in all world currency trading. Therefore, USD has a very significant influence in the currency market. Below is a list of important reports in market movements:

    • Employment Growth
    • Interest Rate decisions
    • Trade Balance
    • Gross Domestic Product
    • Retail Sales
    • Durable Goods
    • Inflation reports (Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index)
    • Foreign Purchases report (TIC Data)

    Each country has important reports similar to those reports. All the reports are scheduled, and many websites on the internet are displaying these schedules.
    Now you already know how and when you are trading based on news.

    There are several concepts that you need to know before you start trading. The actual figures on a report or news affect the long-term price movements of a currency pair, while in the short term, the difference between market expectations and the actual release is likely to cause a breakout.

    That is, if the numbers in a news, in general in accordance with expectations or market expectations, then the news is not too cause reaction / movement of a great market.

    The quieter the market moves before the release of a news, the greater the movement that will occur next. Because the quiet market means there are few buyers and sellers, and most likely they are waiting for "something". And when the "something" comes / appears, the traders who are waiting for it open a position almost simultaneously, causing market movement is quite powerful.

    The more calm a market, the more the price will move great after the release of a news. Depending on how important the news is and the amount of deviation / difference between the actual and estimated figures. Breakouts that occur because of a news, usually only lasted briefly, just a few minutes or even just a few seconds.

    Few Trading News entries are suitable to be applied by scalpers and day traders.
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    yeah ..., this is the article I need right, explain the hour when the economic news is announced for each currency
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    thank goodness that this article gives a lot of feedback for you before you make a transaction
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    Wow, this is what I am looking for, thank you. Now I can trade with time based. Or I can set my EA to work in a certain hours. Thank you and please update this thread for us.

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