Forex is an art

Discussion in 'For novice traders' started by Francmorio, Oct 20, 2017.

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    The reason most new traders fail in forex is because they don't understand what forex really is. Forex is not a get rich quick scheme, but an art that requires time to perfect. Even the most successful forex traders are perfecting on what they know already, Forex is an art, that requires time and patience to perfect.
  2. andengireng

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    In my opinion, Forex is not an art, Forex can be predicted, we can learn about trading forex, Trading Forex is an education and also is a business. So if you are not good enough in forex trading, please find more education and start trading. Forex is real.
  3. Roman Rias

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    There is no question about that Forex is an art and IF we really wish to succeed here then we have to plan it all very carefully. If we do that then we will be able to make a lot of money, but if we don’t do that then we will only go into struggling mood.
  4. Yes, it is true that Forex is not exactly the easiest of business and in order to really succeed in this, it is absolutely critical for one to be good at picking it up at right time. This is indeed an art and not too many people can expect this to work!
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    I think forex is not an art, forex is the best investment in the world In your forex trading business that determines when there is starting to fight the currency and when you buy the currency. ... This is certainly not the case in other investment businesses. Unlimited profits are also the advantages of forex trading. To start its not too many complicated things that you have to prepare.
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    To become a successful forex trader you must be able to develop your internal abilities in controlling your thoughts and actions. It also means you have to hone your skills in reading trading charts and analyze market conditions so that you feel confident in your ability to "read" the market.
  7. broforex

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    In a war, we cannot control our enemies or know exactly what they will do. In trading, we cannot control the market or know for certain what will happen in the market. In war or trading, the only variable that we can truly control is ourselves, our ways of thinking and acting.
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    Forex is a promising business, therefore forex is a high-risk business. Because it seems easy to run forex, just choose to sell or buy, even though forex isn't like that, you can't just choose, because forex has to be analyzed. All forex movements are influenced by the world, so you must be diligent in reading news too.
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    Forex is an Art with so many indicator, one of them is Stochastic. Stochastic is an oscilator indicator that serves to measure market saturation (overbought or oversold). In overbought condition, we can prepare for open buy position, because the market will reverse direction down. And in oversold condition we can get ready to take open sell position, because market will reverse direction up.

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