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    1. Promotion period: February 26th through April 26th, 2019.

    2. Any client of the company with real trading FreshForex account and verified personal data can participate in the promotion. Here you can open trading account.

    3. Forecasts are taken daily during the webinars: from its beginning till its end. For webinars schedule check out FreshForx website.

    4. Forecast are taken only for the contest trading asset specified on the webinar in the format of asset's quote. Forecast is to publish in online chat of the webinar and must contain number of participant's trading account. Example: Account No.123456, EURUSD 1.2345

    5. The winner will be determined based on the maximally close value of the forecast price given by a participant and actual closing price (Bid) at 23:59:59 trade server time (according to data for real trading Classic MT4 accounts by FreshForex). Contest results are announced daily on the webinars.

    6. Each participant has a right to leave only one forecast each day, otherwise the Company reserves the right to refuse bonus crediting;
    7. In case if one value will be given by two or more participants, the winner will be the one, who left maximally close value to the actual one first;
    8. The winner gets prize funds of $30 to their trading FreshForex account.

    Prize funds are credited into Credit field,

    these funds are not withdrawable, but available for increasing trading potential and can be used in times of draw-down. Prize funds are credited within three business days.
    9. Prize funds are fully deducted regardless of the account state in the following cases:

    9.1. Any withdrawal from the account, including internal transfers to other accounts;

    9.2. Sum total of fixed and floating profits exceeds prize amount from the moment of its crediting;

    9.3. In 30 calendar days from the moment of crediting of prize funds.
    10. FreshForex reserves the right to cancel prize, disqualify the participant or revise contest results in case of any breach of promotion terms or Regulatory Documents of the Company, and cancel profit received with the help of prize funds on the account in case of locked positions on accounts of one or several interconnected persons for a purpose of receiving profit on one or several accounts through the loss on the other ones.
    11. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally change the promotion terms and period.

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