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  1. Volkov Yuriy

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    Hello everyone!

    Take part in Forecast contest!

    You have a chance to join the FreshForex team! Share your forecasts and compete for a FreshForex analyst post.

    From December 19th, 2018 to January 31th, 2019 publish the relevant forecasts about any FreshForex assets present on currency, stock or commodity markets, on the forum competition section or Facebook.
    See full terms of competition on the FreshForex forum.

    FreshForex experts will select the best participant which will become a FreshForex fundamental analyst! Moreover, every participant can get bonuses to trade and withdraw without limits! Prize fund is $300.
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  2. Krasimir Gugov

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  3. NewbieTrader

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    This contest is still going, guys. I don't see myself as an expert. but you guys should try this one out. Up this post! Let's compete!
  4. Krasimir Gugov

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    H4 and M30 forecasts:

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  5. Lesli

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    Sollte sich der EUR/USD in dem Trendkanal halten, so bedarf es zunächst einen Wiederanstieg über die o.g. Glättungen. Ohne eine solche Erholung bleibt das Chartbild der europäischen Gemeinschaftswährung angeschlagen.

    Im Falle einer Rückeroberung der gleitenden Durchschnitte bestünde aber durchaus Potenzial auf das Hoch vom 15. Januar bei 1,1494 Dollar.


    Mit Überwindung des Bereiches um 1,28000 USD hat die im Tief bei 1,23955 USD gestartete Bewegung das Korrekturhoch des rot markierten Abwärtstrends herausgenommen und für eine veränderte Lage im technischen Kontext gesorgt. Der Gegenschub vom Freitag am Widerstand um 1,30100 USD könnte kurzfristig, bei weiter fallenden Kursen, in die Unterstützungen bei 1,28000 USD bzw. 1,27065 USD hineinlaufen. Als nächster Anlaufpunkt der Chartoberseite steht – im Falle von Preisen über dem momentanen Widerstand – das Korrekturhoch um 1,31746 USD bereit.
  6. Vigar Forex

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    The US Dollar feels relatively comfortable at the current levels. The key risks for the greenback are the prolonged US government shutdown and a more ‘dovish’ stance by the Federal Reserve. Coming up to the USA’s federal government shutdown, the American economy was in acceleration mode. Although new data are scant, it appears shutdown will have more of a negative effect than originally forecast. Traders should be prepared for disappointment. The US yield curve continues to flatten; consumer sentiment has weakened. The chaos on Capitol Hill mirrors the real effect of the shutdown on American life.

    Sell EUR/USD 1.13
  7. Super Trader

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    Concern over economic growth is back after those disappointing Chinese figures were released over the weekend. The dollar also turned lower in part because of ongoing concerns about the economic impact of the US government shutdown, but mainly because of exhaustion of its bullish trend.

    Below is our featured chart of the day, showing the daily price action on the USD/CHF. Along with other dollar pairs, it is currently displaying a bearish reversal pattern. Specifically, the USD/CHF is showing a bearish engulfing candle just below parity. If this is a genuine reversal pattern, as we think it might be, then the Swissy could potentially head sharply lower over the coming days. The next levels of potential support come in at 0.9910 then at 0.9850. Short-term resistance is seen around 0.9960.
  8. DrimTim

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    Trading plan for January 29:

    Traders’ hopes that the Federal Reserve will remain cautious about raising interest rates. Paring bondholdings have helped spur January’s rally EUR/USD. U.S. Government Bonds pull back as stocks advance - for the dollar is a bad signal! As such, traders are betting on a more cautious Fed’s tone and expect the officials will signal a pause in tightening monetary policy on Wednesday. As for the labor market report, following a string growth by over 310K in December, the results could disappoint, also due to the U.S. government shutdown.

    Trading recommendation: Buy EUR/USD and take profit at 1.1500.

  9. liafatlouie

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    Hopefully, there will be the next contest. As a beginner, I am very interested!

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