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Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by Volkov Yuriy, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Volkov Yuriy

    Volkov Yuriy Administrator

    In this thread you can write all you reviews about our broker and all suggestions you have.
  2. NewbieTrader

    NewbieTrader Member

    Hello! Do we have a subforum or thread for discussing other brokers as well? This will be useful to share info especially when it comes to spam reports. Also a good place to share reasons why we chose this broker instead of the others. Thank you! :)
  3. liafatlouie

    liafatlouie Member

    Brokers indicated that fake investments are usually unrealistic about their profits, which have been revealed by VenusFx from Malaysia. Deceiving victims to millions of ringgit.
  4. liafatlouie

    liafatlouie Member

    It turns out that not all brokers can trade when there is News.
    At XM broker, profit is more than 100% when there is news, everything is canceled and your account is suspended immediately. Though profit can be achieved very much when there is news.
  5. broforex

    broforex Member

    XM has so many hidden terms and conditions, please don't use XM anymore. they just a scammer and not regulated broker. Please find another broker that will pay you anything you gain without hidden terms.
  6. KeshiaSkync

    KeshiaSkync New Member

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