"Esupachai" stood posing with beautiful poses against "

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    "Esupachai" stood posing with beautiful poses against "Aum Phatcharapa" but the other party secretly confused Why are my legs so small?


    The gang traveled to Phuket. Prepare to have the most fun, chill out with the sea breeze for the superstar Aum-Patcharapa Chaiyuchua, but this event must be a little disappointed. That is only on the island Because there is rain almost all day Make yourself and your friends Have to find other activities instead of swimming in the sea

    Which one of the leisure activities of this trip is Taking great photos Keep it as a souvenir and post it on Instagram to leave fans. Get lost By one สล็อต of the most touching pictures It is inevitable that the image of a gold-faced sculptor, Esupachai, invited a young superstar to take a photo Along with standing poses with extreme force side by side until the fans can't help but tease About the beauty that cannot be eaten even a little

    But this event seems to have been a funny thing when Supachai posted the photo on Instagram @ a_supachai1 with a caption saying "Yes, give up, give up @aum_patchrapa. The storm even entered the island because of her strength. This elder will set up lemongrass to help himself, 55 "

    By the way, Aum Patcharapa had to hurry to comment on the existing grievances that "Why are the legs so small? Say good? "Legs are small because they drink a lot of water and sleep, Nong Aum"
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