Electronic Spring Coiling Machine for the Production

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    Electronic Spring Coiling Machine for the Production of Compression Springs

    Designed for the production of high-precision compression springs in the medium wire diameter range, the WAFIOS EcoCoiler stands for an economic alternative for the production of all common compression springs.
    Even the basic configuration of the EcoCoiler is a full-value,highly functional and precise manufacturing device. The modular machine concept allows the individual configuration of equipment to match the production of a wide variety of parts. The EcoCoiler can be upgraded or downgraded to fulfill a specific purpose and can be customized to fit space requirements, e.g. for the integration into pre-existing production lines.Get more news about Electronically Controlled Spring Coiling Machine,you can vist our website!
    The EcoCoiler can be upgraded with sorting-flaps combined with measuring systems - a conventional (FRM) for spring length measurement or an advanced camera for spring length and diameter measurement - for the purpose of quality control within the scope of zero-error production
    For more than 100 years the name WAFIOS has stood for the highest in terms of quality expectations, safety standards and technical innovation in German manufacturing systems engineering.
    Strict quality controls, state-of-the-art production systems and many years of experience guarantee that your investment is in safe hands. Our global service network ensures high availability of WAFIOS machinery.
    High production output and a long service life will save money and shorten the amortization time of your investment.

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