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Discussion in 'For novice traders' started by Volkov Yuriy, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Volkov Yuriy

    Volkov Yuriy Administrator

    Sometimes a beginner trader earns much more than an experienced trader. So what does the trader's earnings depend on?
  2. NewbieTrader

    NewbieTrader Member

    most people would say the amount of capital. but i think it depends on their profit and pips consistency. it doesn't mean that you should always close a lot with profit, but the overall amount should be a positive one.
  3. andengireng

    andengireng Member

    You may be able to profit with amazing results 100 points to 200 points per lot per day, but it's all just a beginner luck. You will not trust at first, by relying on only one indicator, or even just by instinct. But unfortunately, the market will beat you. No trader is successful only with the LUCK factor. loss after loss to you, you try to survive but if the margin runs out, who can stand ??. This is means you need an education about Forex Trading.
  4. Roman Rias

    Roman Rias Member

    Unfortunately, the term experience is misunderstood by many. Watching charts or putting random trades is not called having experience. Even if you do it for decades, it will all by meaningless and more of a number to perhaps feel good about, but nothing more than that.

    The real experience is when you have ACTUAL strategy and when you practice it day in and day out with trying to get improvement. Such way is how you get genuine experience.

    So, the earning depends on our will power and how badly we want to get something not trying to search for short cuts all the time!
  5. If we take learning as fun then we can really move forward and achieve greater results. But if we take it too hard then we will find it very tough and will not be able to gain all that much at all. So we need to make sure that we learn like its enjoyment not punishment.
  6. NewbieTrader

    NewbieTrader Member

    hahahah yeah unfortunately that's true. some people call themselves as experienced trader but they don't really trade. they just follow the news, etc. and suddenly they are experts. oh well.
  7. ibm'73

    ibm'73 Active Member

    as good as it is for a beginner trader, before he did the transaction is good him he first to know what currency he will trade, from the start of the currency characteristics until the economic condition of the country of the currency, then just started to survey the hours of any currency is starting to be crowded in the trade, at the end it will be better before a beginner trader to do transactions in the real world in suggesting first he did the demo transactions his intention that later on when he went directly, he will not surprised by the movement of the entire world market
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  8. Nia

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    very good input for as a beginner trader
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  9. broforex

    broforex Member

    Market behavior that is trending is different from when it is moving sideways. Market volatility when trending is greater, therefore the trading method used should also be different.
  10. Tengkorakfx

    Tengkorakfx Active Member

    If you notice for the past few weeks, the volatility is going really wild there, especially on Major pairs. You might refer to Gold and GBPUSD for examples.
  11. broforex

    broforex Member

    a little education from me. The success of trading in the long run is if the average profit value is higher than the average loss value, not the number of trades that have been made. To achieve this you must use proportional risk management every time you trade, by applying the appropriate risk / reward ratio.
  12. broforex

    broforex Member

    I am also a trader who has profit and loss, so I can understand why in certain circumstances traders tend to be emotional. They lack market control and do not have a reliable trading system that is believed to be profitable.
  13. liafatlouie

    liafatlouie Member

    Experience is our best teacher.
    A lot of trading experience will be a lot of knowledge also. We can be better prepared in making every decision in trading.
  14. broforex

    broforex Member

    Stochastic indicator has two lines: the% K line and the% D line. For ease to distinguish it, usually both are given different colors. Commonly used colors are light blue for% K and red for% D. In addition,% D is also usually shown as dashed lines. Of course the colors that you can later change according to taste, which is important later you can distinguish which% K and which% D.
  15. broforex

    broforex Member

    Traders, especially beginners, are usually very obsessed with trading accuracy. The questions that are often asked by newbie traders are: How to trade so that the accuracy is high? So the trading time is much more correct than wrong. want all to profit, the fact is quite the opposite
  16. Francmorio

    Francmorio Member

    How much a trader earns depends on how much they know. Have a good strategy, and a proper risk management and you will be safe.
  17. Tengkorakfx

    Tengkorakfx Active Member

    But it's safe to say that it's better to not use any gamble technique where you put most of the trading margin in one position. Nowadays, intraday trading with fixed SL and TP is a good one to learn. Just make sure you analyze it right
  18. liafatlouie

    liafatlouie Member

    What indicators are required for intraday trading?
    How many pips are used for SL and TP?
  19. broforex

    broforex Member

    Are you new to forex and are interested in knowing how to make money trading forex? Know that success in forex is not easy to achieve.
  20. liafatlouie

    liafatlouie Member

    Yes, it is not easy. as a novice trader I have participated in paid training, it turns out that the contents are very basic. The lure of direct profit, but the reality it's not that easy!

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