Cryptocurrency Overnight crash

Discussion in 'About crypto currencies' started by Francmorio, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Fear of failure can be much worse than what might be a possible cause of failure.

    Once mass fear occurs, like sheep, human beings tend to run in one direction.

    There has been some interesting experiments, where someone walks up to a person and yells “Run!”.

    For a while,

    fear will make a person run.

    But eventually the inconvenience of running weighs in, and rationale begins.

    “What am I running from?”

    I can’t tell you how many times Cryptocurrency has crashed, badly, beyond perceived capacity for recovery, then broken all the rules.

    And boomed again.

    It’s not so much that a bubble has burst.

    It’s more like a controlled crash by regulatory authorities has grounded all flights during fog.

    When I woke up to see how low cryptocurrencies had gone this morning, I didn’t see doom, loss and feel like bailing.

    I saw opportunity.

    Experience is a good teacher.

    “Bursts” and “crashes”, recessions, depressions are a rare opportunity to buy up good stocks, that otherwise might be inaccessible.

    Naysayers claimed the sharemarkets were over during past crashes. But is the sharemarket over?

    So at 4pm today,

    I will be divesting into as much of the solid Cryptocurrencies as I can, while I can.

    I expected a rocky ride this year.
    But fortune favours the brave.

    So hang in there.
    Those who can.

    If this is too scary for you,
    Then get out now.

    I would however stay all in.
    And leverage the low.
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    For what I feel. Bitcoin exhibits behavior very similar to the Nasdaq in dot-com bubbles, but 15 times faster. The similarity in price movements and trading volume could be a sign that history will recur, according to a note published by Morgan Stanley on Monday. In addition, showed a change in trading volume of bitcoin into cryptocurrency called a tether.
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    There is so much to learn from this crypto currency. Because otherwise you will miss information. and also the bitcoin movement is very difficult to predict and very fast. so we should be more aware of it.

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