Comparison of FreshForex and Teletrade

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    FreshForex Teletrade
    On market 12 years 22 years

    Tools 134 no data

    Min deposit - from $500

    Execution All Market Execution Instant Execution (Market Execution is only available for PRO accounts)

    Remunerations 100% remuneration of fees and
    up to 100% renumeration of spread

    Additional bonuses

    101% on EVERY replenishment - drawdown bonus

    start bonus (bonus is from $1000, min. replenishment is from $1000)

    48% per annum for all foreign currency accounts

    24% bonus (2% are on available cash, min. deposit is from $1000)

    no deposit bonus is $2017

    Everyone is familiar with Teletrade which is the first broker on the russian market. While having a free time I've compared it to other brokers (but not the smallest ones), and found out something interesting in comparison with FreshForex.

    But first let's find out what is the common problem of the biggest brokers on the market. I guess they are designed for the wealthy clients. With big money. Because if they start a promo, then the account must be replenished for "some" $1000 ... I can hardly imagine that the average russian client can afford it.

    Well, FreshForex is just the opposite. By the way, the site is convenient and here you can find everything you need. They have a lot of promos, really a lot, and they are cool. For example, you can get $2017 as a no deposit bonus for registration (which I actually did). Also they got a special offer: you get a 101% bonus for each replenishment. Let me explain: you can replenish you account for $100 and the total amount of money on your account will be $200. Additionally they have more profitable terms of trade.

    As you see, the benefits of FreshForex are obvious. I decided not to overpay for the brand of Teletrade.

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