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    FreshForex Forex Club

    On market 12 years 19 years

    Tools 134 72

    Min deposit - from $100 up to $500 on different accounts

    Execution All Market Execution Instant and Market on different accounts


    100% remuneration of fees and up to 100% renumeration of spread

    100% remuneration of fees

    Additional bonuses

    101% on EVERY replenishment - drawdown bonus

    simultaneous 100% bonus for the first replenishment (from $100)

    48% per annum for all foreign currency accounts

    9-12% per annum for the $5000 deposit and more

    Non deposit bonus $2017, a contest with the prize of BMW car

    New Year contest, attendance fee is from $500 (the grand prize is a snowmobile)

    Hello everyone,

    I've recently become bewildered of choosing a new broker, cause news got about that all big brokers will be banned from offering their clients promos and bonuses. So I decided to switch from the Forex Club to something else, where bonuses will remain. I searched up the whole Internet and decided to choose FreshForex. I'm giving you a comparison of FreshForex and Forex Club, maybe someone else will be interested in this too.

    They have equal terms of trade, but Forex Club is longer on the market and more famous. The more interesting information is below.

    Their promos are somewhat of alike, but the amounts are completely different. For example, Forex Club has a promo "Deposit Bonus": if you replenish the account for $5000 and more, you can get 9-12% on available cash within 3 months after the replenishment. FreshForex has a similar promo, but the terms are better: from 3% to 48% per annum on available cash, and there is no need to replenish account. Just connect! % depends on the turnover. In order to get 48% you need to have 50 lots a week. Still there is a lot of things, you can see for yourself if it's interesting, but in general other promos are the same. If Forex Club has a bonus of 100% for the first replenishment, then FreshForex has 101% for EVERY replenishment, and so on.

    That's why I decided to switch to FreshForex, because they have a big no deposit bonus of $2017 for all new customers. Register and get your bonus. I will try and see later, and maybe after a month's of testing, I'll share my experience. Maybe it's not so cool as it seems.

    Conclusion: according to the terms of trade, both brokers are the same, but there is a big difference in promos. I do like Forex Club, you need to have a huge amount of money on the account in order to get bonuses, and FreshForex already has less strict conditions. For almost all promos you need to replenish for $100. There is a big difference between $5000 and $100, huh.

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