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    FreshForex Alpari

    On market 12 years 18 years

    Tools 134 61

    Min deposit - from $100 up to $500

    Execution All Market Execution Instant Execution (nano.mt4, standart.mt4, standart.mt5)

    Remunerations 100% remuneration of fees and
    up to 100% renumeration of spread

    Additional bonuses up to 50% compensation of fees and spreads

    101% on replenishment - drawdown bonus

    48% per annum for all foreign currency accounts

    no deposit bonus is $2017

    I would like to share my experience of switching from Alpari to FreshForex broker. All that follows below is just my own opinion, and not a recommendation for action.

    Many of you will probably be surprised that I decided to leave Alpari, as it is a relatively big broker. In short, there are several reasons: The method of execution on my account was Instant Execution and it's inconvenient for me. I'm not a fan of intraday trading, and the spread is usually higher, but the alternative was only the accounts with a minimum deposit of $500, which is a little bit high for me. And of course I want to avoid all kinds of fees, such as commissions for replenishment/withdrawal, spread return, etc. (I'm not greedy, it's just because you can earn extra $100 on a return spread and FreshForex has such an opportunity)

    I started comparing and here above you see the table with results.
    I was using the site and thought for a second. All accounts have Market Execution, there is no minimum deposit, 100% commission is returned and even the spread is returned up to $ 20 per a lot. There are also a lot of bonuses and promotions. So I tried and I'm satisfied with the result.

    In short, both brokers (Alpari and FreshForex) have been tested by me personally. I can say that despite the fact that Alpari is a bigger one, it is more profitable to trade on FreshForex.

    If anyone else is using another broker, we can compare it to FreshForex. FreshForex vs your broker
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    I had heard that alpari could not pay clients who profit when BREXIT occurs. This is unfortunate because as we know, Alpari is also one of the big brokers. Alpari should be able to provide better service.
  3. Tengkorakfx

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    Even we can predict their bankruptcy from several unpaid withdrawal cases from their clients. No wonder people are avoiding that broker, though...
  4. liafatlouie

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    I just found out that the Alpari broker, which is a big broker, does not guarantee to provide benefits to their clients.
  5. Thomasereve

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